The Sleeve with all you Need – the Journey  NEXA 4-in-1 Laptop Sleeve with Wireless Charging

With the vast array of laptop cases and sleeves out on the market we always find it a struggle to really pinpoint one delivers everything you need in a cost effective and well made package.

After being kind enough to let us try out their ALTI Desk Mat, the Journey team kindly offered us the opportunity to check out their remarkable looking NEXA 4-in-1 Laptop Sleeve. What really sets the sleeve apart is the fact that is offers 4-in-1 functionality by allowing you to charge your devices, protecting your devices when in transport, acting as a mousepad for an additional mouse AND doubling as a deskpad when you flip it over! We’d not heard of anything else like it on the market before, and so keen to investigate we eagerly awaited a chance to try it out!

On unboxing the Nexa we were again struck by Journey’s high level of packaging compared to other competitors. Certainly each Journey product feels like you’re investing in something of quality straight out the box.

The Nexa case comes in two different varieties – one for 13 and 14inch laptops and one for 15 and 16 inch laptops. Also coming in two colours, a black and a dove grey allowing you to choose a case which suits your needs.

Initially we really struck with the sturdy quality of the sleeve’s extra. The magnetic closure has a reassuring ‘clunk’ when sealed and the elegant vegan leather finish really does feel like it offers an effective protection to your device. Most importantly, the case’s soft-quilted interior really feels especially cushioned, impressive for a case of it’s size! Our macbook was cushioned securely (without being overly tight for easy access.)

After some initial charging (thanks to the device’s USB C charging port) we decided to take the case for a test spin. On opening and flipping the sleeve, the slightly elevated charging points are revealed. One for your smart phone (All Magsafe compatible) and one for your ear buds (Earbuds / AirPods/Pro.)

Like Journey’s ALTI desk mat, the power points were phenomenally quick at charging both a smartphone and earbuds case, thanks to the conductivity charging through the sleeve. We were also taken aback by how well the sleeve acts as a mousepad and desktop for your laptop on the go. It makes using your computer on the go feel reassuringly secure and a comfortable resting place for a hand using a mouse.

We couldn’t recommend the Journey NEXA sleeve highly enough. If you’re after a laptop sleeve right now you really couldn’t go wrong with getting one.

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