Colour Changing Charging with KIWI design’s RGB Charging Dock For Quest 2

Following on from having a chance to check out Kiwi’s incredible Comfort Strap head strap for Quest 2 we were incredibly honoured when the team asked if we’d like to check out their astounding looking Charging Dock for Meta Oculus Quest 2, which is officially co-branded as a Meta Charging Station. The device being able to simultaneously charge both controllers! After seeing previews of the deck online and the fact that not only it charges multiple devices at the same time whilst offering an attractive multi-colour display for your desktop we were extremely intrigued to check out what looks to be the most exciting charging docks on the market!

Straight out the box it’s clear that like the Comfort Head Strap, the Charging Station really carries that minimalistic, clean aesthetic Kiwi do so well. Within your box the station comes with easy to follow instructions alongside a Charging Cable, Power Adapter, a pair of Battery Covers, 2 Rechargeable 1800mAh Batteries and a Magnetic Type-C Connector. We were particularly keen to see how the whole thing would operate and were conscious of the process being too overcomplicated. However we needn’t had worried as literally you’ve got everything you need to get started.

By replacing the standard AA batteries and covers enclosed within the Meta Quest controllers, it’s just a case of aligning the batteries so they correspond with the cover compartments. This ensures that charging can be made remotely through the replacement covers when you lie the controllers down flat onto the station. In terms of charging for the headset itself, that’s even easier thanks to the magnetic charging Type-C connector which easily attaches to the Meta Quest, replacing the need for a manual plug to be inserted.

It’s no joke to say this really was phenomenally easy and simple to setup. The station is extremely effective in making it easy as possible for new users – we were astounded at how quick the process was.  Soon enough we had the headset and controllers charging and the convenience of just having to lift the controllers up from their charging dock, against manually removing the battery covers to replace them each time really did make all the difference. Users can also keep track of this thanks to the LED which turns a bright green colour once all devices are fully charged.

What’s particularly impressive though is the incredible RGB display which sits underneath the station. This offers a really quite stunning array of colours whilst charging which perfectly backlits any workspace or bedroom. We were especially taken aback by how strong the illuminations were, throwing out an impressive amount of light from such a small display. On top of which, the actual aesthetic of the charging dock really does serve as a focal point and adds a real amount of class to your VR Gaming setup.

But the question remains, just how quickly can a station of this type charge your Meta Quest? Well you needn’t have waited long. In terms of waiting time in just 2.5 hours our Meta Quest and controllers were fully charged and ready for gaming. Having now charged multiple times it’s been incredible to see that time remaining consistent throughout. 

We loved the Kiwi RGB Charging Dock. It really does add an air of gaming sophistication to your setup and makes getting your hands on your charged devices all the more convenient. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Go grab yours today from