Chargecard : Simplistic, sexy Tech at it’s very best



We’ve had our eyes on Chargecard for a while ever since they launched their rather exciting kickstarter video showing their awesome ‘chargecard’ concept. Who wants to carry around bundles of phone cables when you can simply slip a small credit card sized foldable cable into your pocket. Genius!

So we were rather thrilled when those nice people at Chargecard sent over a test version to try actually try out.

Wow these things are seriously cool. Ever been in a situation where you’re trying to charge your phone but you realise you have no cable on you? Especially with the latest iPhone update which seems to drain Phone batteries quicker than you can say ‘ios7’.



Well you can kiss all that goodbye. As they’re usb powered (which are pretty much everywhere these days) you can save yourself the hassle of dragging that cable to and from work and simply slip chargecard into your pocket!

The neat design allows the usb cable to simply fold out and plug into your power source, whilst the iPhone/Blackberry port neatly powers your adaptor. The usb then clicks back into place once you’re charged and you’re left with a neat card!



It’s simplistic, genius design at it’s best. We were lucky enough to try out the Blackberry and iPhone versions and both worked absolutely fantastically with no issues whatsoever on charging. We’d been wondering what we’d been doing without them all these years!

Also now with the charge Key due on the horizon for mid December we’ll really be spoiled for choice!

This really is a no brainer, invest in one today – in fact invest in a couple then you’ll have a backup when your friends pinch yours 😉

Also it might be worth mentioning it’s  NOMAD’s first Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

They rarely ever offer sales so this is pretty special as they’ll be offering a 30% discount to all visitors. To get the discount, users will have to share their page with friends via social media or email.

What could be better! So make sure you take some time out to check them out online