Humans – The Hit Sci Fi Drama – Out Now!



Channel 4’s futuristic sci-fi drama ‘Humans’ caused a huge stir when it hit our screens. With a great preview TV ad campaign seemingly promoting your very own humanoid robot to buy in the shops along with multiple eBay adverts (incredibly some people were actually taken in by this). So when the show finally launched we were keen to see what all the fuss is about. In an era where so many shows are hyped but quickly fade from our memories we wondered just what C4 had in store for us. But we needn’t have been concerned.

Humans undoubtably  is one of the most thought-provoking, eerie and gripping series to have hit Channel 4 in quite a while. With a who’s who of acting talent (Katherine Parkinson ‘The IT Crowd’, Tom Goodman-Hill ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ / Imitation Game). The futuristic era set somewhere in the not so distant future – (think Black Mirror) it’s hugely believable with the synths themselves oozing style and finesse. Their functional sounds and interfaces would easily make you believe they’re just a new Apple product hitting the market.


Gemma Chan’s portrayal of the questionable android Anita is utterly superb and certainly leaves you convinced (initially) that she’s a totally different species from the humans who’s house she inhabits. Along with her other android comrades who all portray a species not too far removed from ourselves and undoubtably one who’s morals are more akin to ours than we might initially think. The storyline is gripping with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes. On TV those 8 episodes went all to quick – but with DVD if you’re hungry for more, there’s plenty of options with it’s official release!

The extras themselves include a great range of additional content including Making of Humans, Being a synth and Family Matters. So even if you’ve already caught the series and were keen for more dramatic synth action – then the additional contents will keep you more than satisfied.

Undoubtably for any sci-fi or drama fan ‘Humans’ is an unmissable watch. Make sure you purchase yours now from