I do like to ‘Geek’ beside the seaside…GEEK 2015

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Celebrating it’s third annual gaming/tech and collectable event we were hugely intrigued to see what the team behind ‘Geek’ had planned for their return to the Winter Gardens Margate.

Having traversed the busy Saturday traffic and found a parking spot we were thankful to get out of the cold February weather and into what promised to be the biggest ‘Geek’ to date!

The Winter Garden’s is usually well renowned for it’s wide array of music events. But it’s virtually unrecognisable as the team have done a sterling job transforming it into a suitably atmospheric ‘gamers paradise’ for a wide variety of video game play. Everything from retro consoles such as the Playstation 1 and Megadrive and even more alternative fair such as the Neo Geo are set up for gamers to get their sweaty palms on. Alongside a huge wealth of current consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox 1 to keep their fanboys entertained. Admittedly Saturday is the cosplay event of the weekend’s shenanigans, with sadly only a handful of cosplayers. Something which hopefully picks up interest in years to come.

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Within the games areas themselves there’s a wealth of gaming categories catered for. From first person shooters (Call of Duty) to retro strategy games (Theme Park) and action titles (Assassins Creed) Not to mention a host of others including specialised retro competitions featuring the likes of Sonic 1 and Street Fighter 2 – through to current hits such as Halo and Minecraft.


It’s also refreshing to see a healthy mix of both young and old attending, with a special segregated 18+ area for hardcore and more violent gaming against other less bloody affairs for the younger crowds to check out.


But the event isn’t purely about gaming, and it’s also nice to see a large selection of collectables on offer. Everything from custom merchandise of your favourite cult comic/video game characters. Right through to retro LCD games, figures, comics and far too many more to mention. Admittedly it’s secondary to the gaming but it would be great to see some more comics and collectables on offer, which no doubt will be expanded on in years to come.

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Joining these are also a selection of specialised events for the weekend. Everything from cosplay talks, meeting game programers, livestreams, board gaming, right through to gaming tournaments that run through into the evening. So there’s plenty of time for dad’s to drop the kids home to bed before returning to blast their way through the evening.

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All in Geek 2015 offered a refreshing addition to Margate’s calendar. With an interesting mix of both gaming and collectables. As the festival expands hopefully this means more comics and gaming tech will be introduced into the mix. Well worth checking out for 2016!

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