Monsters University – Does this new yet older sequel square up?


Pixar have released numerous of films over the years, some really good, some amazing and some that are slightly subpar; with the release of the Monsters University DVD I thought I’d get around to watching their new predecessor to the original Monsters Inc.

Let’s take a trip back 12 years. Please hand your tickets to the guy on the left and please fasten your seatbelts before we set off.


On your right you can see thousands of balloons attached to a small house, slightly behind that is a large amount of talking cars, just to the left is a less interesting group of talking cars, on your right a family of superheroes and just up ahead, our destination, is Monsteropolis, home of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. Please mind the gap as you depart the craft.


Right, welcome to 2001, this is where the story of Mike and ‘Sully’ began, in 2001 the film chronicles there adventures at Monsters Inc. a power company, and what’s so exciting about a power company you may say and I’d reply with not really that much. Power in Monsteropolis is collected through children’s screams, so scaring those children and harvesting that energy is how they power their city; Sully the scarier of the two goes into children’s rooms and frightens the power out of them, and Mike, the brain behind their partnership, coordinates the best way to do that.

I’m not going to ruin the entire story of the film, but it’s what Mike and Sully find in one of those children’s rooms that is the basis of the entire film. In one child’s room they find Boo, she is a little girl and like everything in any child’s room including the children monsters believe to be toxic (if you met some of my nieces and nephews you’ll know that some toddlers definitely are toxic) But it’s the relationship that grows between the three of them that makes the film.

Now the story ends there, as far as we know, but if we fast-forward to 2013, and in turn rewind to 10 years before we first meet Mike and Sully. I think that makes sense, rewinding, fast-forwarding, it’s like someone’s sat on the TV remote; anyway the newest Pixar film ‘Monsters University’ gives us the insight into how those best friends meet and become friends. They are both scaring majors at the university, and while one has the brains and none of the instinct the other (rather conveniently I may add) has none of the brains and all of the instinct; what a perfect pair.

So now to compare, is one better than the other, does the new film live up to the standards of the old one. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I believe that I have a big heap of Nostalgia when it comes to the old film; something along the lines of a video tape of Monsters Inc. I got on my..??th birthday. If you don’t know what a video tape is, it’s like a DVD but it breaks more, the picture quality is terrible and takes up more space on your shelf; you should be glad you don’t know. They measure up, Monsters University fits well within the canon, it’s a great film even if you’ve not seen the first, but you do miss some of the jokes that they’ve transferred from one film to the next. Obviously in those 12 years the technology used behind the films looks better, so judging it on the quality of the films, I was happily surprised at this film; after looking at how bad Cars 2 was, I was expecting something similar. But go and run, jump, skip, hop or any other method of transport you can think of to your local shop to pick up this film, it’s a family friendly fantastic film (check out that alliteration) and well worth a watch.