Go Pro Hero 3 + Black Edition – Shoot Epic Video in the Palm of Your Hands!


The name Go Pro has become synonymous with cutting edge, high-end, robust cameras. From mounting biking, snowboarding, kayaking, It’s safe to say the sporting world and generally recording high octane outdoor activities has been revolutionised by the tough light weight camera range. Allowing non participators a unique first person perspective on intense sporting activities due to the camera’s versatility

So when the opportunity arose for GYGO to get their hands on the Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition we simply couldn’t refuse!

Housed in it’s trademark thick plastic casing, you know this is a piece of kit that’s not likely to be damaged easily or suffer the consequences of any heavy duty sporting mishap. In fact it’ll take a hell of a lot of pounding. Which is pretty incredible considering it’s performance. It’s original casing’s larger size and secure design also mean that it’ll survive up to a depth of 40 metres underwater. Fantastic if you want to do some underwater filming! Sure it’s slightly less than it’s previous model, but it’s smaller sizing and light weight design means it’s far more manageable in an underwater environment.

Offering screen performance at an impressive 12mp –  1080p60 / The Hero 3 is undoubtably one of the top performers of the Go Pro family. Notably with the addition of it’s small, handy remote control which allows the user the ability to easily record their camera work at the press of a key fob. Also it allows compatibility with the Go Pro App meaning you can use it with your smartphone and actually view your recorded video via your handheld device! A fantastic addition. Which is easily viewed via the recording lights which sit atop the camera.

It’s also superbly easy to use. Let’s face it when you’re in the midst of a high intensity activity the last thing you want to try and do is remember which button sequence accesses what. Clearly this has been well considered. The front button offers easy access to modes and the camera settings. These can then be flipped through using the top button.  They all link into the Go Pro’s Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to easily download your footage at the press of a button. It can then be swiftly edited via the GoPro studio 2. Something which is ever so handy when you’re eager to get your activities of the camera and online.

But if you’re going to shoot award winning video, then you’ll need to safely fasten the Go Pro to something stable. That’s been taken into consideration as well with the Jaws Flex Clamp and Quick Clip, allowing you to fix the Go Pro to your head or chest harness. Perfect for peace of mind knowing your camera isn’t going to go anywhere in a hurry when you’re in a less than stable environment.

It’s also worth noting that the Black Edition can record 1080p video at 60fps, and 720p video at 100fps. Handy if you want to attempt to slow footage down in your video editing software when you’re back in your suite. On top of which it also supports 4K camera video, which no doubt will prove a huge draw as the cutting edge video format finds it’s feet in the film and media industries.


Impressively though the camera isn’t purely about full motion video and It’s ability to take stills are second to none. Offering  time-lapse pictures, and burst photos up to 3fps and 10fps. Something we had a huge amounts of fun trying out. The black edition does have the largest sensor at 1/2.3inch and is capable of taking 12-megapixel photos. It’s younger brother the Silver Edition can take 11-megapixel photos whilst the cheaper White Edition can take just 5-megapixel snaps. So quality is compromised with the less you spend. But we were personally amazed and the quality of the static imagery surpassed our expectations. It’s great to see it’s definitely a camera which does well doubling for video or static image recording.

The Black edition is notable for having the  largest sensor. Which at 1/2.3in will ensure it performs well in low light conditions. Something which no doubt will come in hugely handy when traversing varied routes through dense darkened areas and bright outside spaces. Sure you’d be paying extra, but for recording those special moments you might miss otherwise, it’s undoubtably worth it.

All in all this is amazing addition to the Go Pro family and to robust activity cameras everywhere. Which, considering it’s  phenomenally compact, robust sizing- and more than reasonable cost makes it a high contender within the range.

Shell out for the black edition and you won’t be disappointed – just ensure you take it somewhere exciting to show off.

Buy yours now :www.gopro.com