Porcelain – A Gothic Masterpiece



When I first glimpsed Improper Books Masterpiece Porcelain it was amidst a flurry of rave reviews online

a gorgeous, gothic fever dream ‘  They read ‘ . Creepy, compelling and beautifully realised.’ ‘ a delightfully dark tale,’ Who wouldn’t be sold on the promise of such elements in a book!

I was also intrigued by the promise of a dark fairy tale with Chris Wildgoose’s fantastic illustrations. If the cover and previews online were anything to go by this was going to be something pretty special.

So being a huge graphic novel fan I had to check it out.


To not give too much of the story away Porcelain covers the story of ‘Child’ who is forced into breaking into the porcelain makers garden. Once inside she encounters a world she never knew existed. With wonders beyond her imagination and a dark secret she’d come to realise.


In short Porcelain is a modern masterpiece. Clearly the book is a real labour of love which certainly comes out amidst the cells of the pages. Chris’s evocative illustrations really help flesh out Ben’s world. By the time you reach the twist at the end, you’ll be gasping for more..


Hopefully we see more from the duo in the not so distant future. In the meantime this clearly is a blockbuster waiting to be adapted. A stunning piece of work.

(Check out the preview below….)