Call of Duty – Ghosts — The Cash Cow Cometh

cod ghosts 

It’s that time of year again, the cash cow cometh, the annual release of a call of duty game; and whether you love them or hate them, they are one of the biggest sellers each year, thousands upon thousands of copies to gamers across the globe. ‘But wait’ you say…’this year is different’, your absolutely right and how did you get in here? With the release of the next generation consoles but a stones thrown away the 5th of November release was only half of the COD cookie, the other half being the PS4 and XBOX One versions of the worldwide shoot-em up will be released along with the consoles later this month.


Now I sit here writing this, my eyes red and my fingers blistered from both the sleepless night and entire day spent sprinting around faux warzones with an assault rifle. Yes I am one of those people who were up to the wee hours of the morning after collecting my copy at my closest midnight launch; and have decided that I have to give myself a little break to actually do some work. (This is a rare occurrence)

Onto the game itself, does it match up to the previous releases? Is it a complete re-invention of the series? Do I need to stop asking rhetorical questions? The answer to all of these questions is unfortunately, no-ish. The game is different, as was the last instalment, as will the next instalment be after this one; they have a different way of conveying the same ideas. They have the similar modes, the online multiplayer, and the single player story; but two new options are the Squads mode where you hone you squad in different styles of matches, and Extinction mode where unlike previous games where you fight waves of the living dead, you now fight hoards of aliens. Of these to be honest I haven’t played the story mode or extinction mode and have concentrated more on the multiplayer, as the days go on I’ll give those other modes a try and see what I’ve been missing, or not missing as the case may be.

So let’s begin, the currency used to buy and upgrade your weapons is ‘Squad Points’, you earn these annoyingly slowly which means that you’ll have to be really sure you want that silencer on you pistol before you spend the points you earned over the last 2 hours. We now have some new maps to explore, and from what I can judge they appear to be larger than previous games, I have found that in some matches it is slightly difficult to find enemies especially with the larger maps; you are now able to now explore the Scottish highlands, a tank construction factory and a bunch of other generically brown locations.

In previous games the ‘challenge’ feature was a really good way of gaining experience to level up your character in COD Ghosts this has been replaced with ‘operations’ which offer less experience and more items to customize your character. I’m not one to complain but I would rather have more experience for completing operations, rather than be rewarded with a sparkly new hat or beige corduroy waistcoat that I can then equip my character with; but that’s just me.

This game changes the way that you ultimately level up your characters, instead of one soldier you now have 10; each can levelled up to 60, meaning a total of 600 levels for you to strive for. You now have your squad of soldiers, allowing you to equip them differently and ultimately build yourself a team of super soldiers.

There are numerous game modes to choose from that were not available in the previous games, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience, there are really two main new game modes; cranked is fast paced, when you get a kill you get a boost to your speed and clock ticking down, if you kill someone the clock resets and if the timer ever runs out you explode, which quickly builds the pressure before you inevitable die or blow up. The second game mode is Blitz, you score points for reaching the enemy portal at the other end of the map, that portal sends you back to your base and scoring you 1 point; it’s a choice between defending your teams portal or going across the map to score points for you team instead.

So generally the game looks different, how the game has been designed is generally good, while some changes I like, the fact that you can always see your score in the top right of the screen, some I don’t, but that is going to happen with EVERY game. You cannot please all the people all the time. So I’ve given you an insight into what has changed, what’s new and what may not be too impressive. So though this is not a reinvention of the entire franchise, there is still enough there that changed to make this game worthwhile. Whether you should wait for the PS4 version or XBOX One version is up to you, if you’ve not played a COD game before then this is a good game to start with, and if you’re a fan of the series then you’ve already bought this and don’t need me wittering on.