The Music In Us

The Music In Us

By Samantha Swan

Music is universal to all. It brings us together and often reflects the mood we are in, be it listening to a favourite song or even physically playing along to favourite song. The majority of people would love to be able to play an instrument and act like their favourite rock stars, but either don’t have the time or perhaps don’t have the space to do so, but that is where times are changing. Instruments are being created that are more convenient and allows everyone the chance to show off their skills.

If learning a guitar has been on your bucket list then the JamStik is the gadget for you. Zivix (the creators) claim that the JamStik offers a real guitar playing experience that connects to your iOS device. Although it looks like just a small guitar neck, it works with apps like Apple’s Garageband that allows you to record music anywhere and everywhere; an aeroplane, train or just in the comfort of your home, the sky is the limit.


With in-depth tutorials, nifty finger tracking technology and a constantly in tune sound, there is no time like the present to get playing. It’s already for you to work for magic regardless of your age or experience. It caters for all. Zivix wanted to create a platform for making music more meaningful, accessible and fun for those who have never had the opportunity to learn the guitar and/or making their own music.

The JamStik grew out of other previous products that allowed any player with any level of experience easily manipulate and control a variety of music sounds. Combining this with patented finger sensing technology and anyone can immediately create great sounding and original music. Players can see their fingers on screen in real-time to the music, so they can learn and play like never before.

However, if guitars are not your thing, how about rocking out on the Y-Drum (from Yanko Design), a portable drum kit that consists of nine minimalist grey drum pads and two cymbals. All of which fits into a combined case/Bluetooth receiver/amplifier. This allows you to customise your own drum kit and set up the pads how they best work for you.


All you need to do is connect the kit to Roland’s drum app on smartphone or even PC for digital drumming on the go. The drumsticks even double up as a carry handle. It’s mobile, accessible and easy to use, making it an ideal starter kit for beginners who have had the incentive to learn the drums, but are unable to. The Y-Drum is a great opportunity to learn on, taking up much less storage space than a real drum kit, plus with the added bonus of being able to use headphones to drown out the sound, you can’t go wrong.