Marvellous Meta Questing with the Kiwi Comfort Head Strap!

Having seen a plethora of different headstraps for the legendary Quest 2 appearing on social media, one particular brand has stood out head and shoulders above all others. A brand which has seen praise from a host of youtubers, instagrammers and customers for a valid reason.

Kiwi’s clean and stylish aesthetic has really stood out against so many competitors in the Meta Quest accessory market. With impressive feedback from customers and news outlets alike. So when Kiwi kindly offered us the chance to check out the Comfort Head Strap for Quest 2 – how could we say no?

After unboxing  it’s clear to see Kiwi have a keen focus in clean presentation. The headstrap is well packaged as a premium accessory and the eco-friendly polymer looks truly incredible upon first reveal. We’re told that the durability of the head strap ensure that you’ll be able to undertake 10,000 bending cycles without breaking. Offering plenty of time to get stuck into your favourite Meta Quest games without fear of being rudely interrupted.

Fixing the strap to your Meta Quest was also remarkably simple utilising the detachable top strap and head cushion. These are attached via velcro which allows the user to quickly remove and replace them when needing to clean. Something made particularly simple with the addition of the high quality PU leather. Perfect if you’ve been having a heavy duty work out or intense gaming session!

The design of the strap is also superbly crafted. One problem with the Meta’s supplied straps is the fact they often make the headsets feel front heavy. Not in the case of the Kiwi. In fact the wide padding offering a comfortable for secure fit balancing the weight out. Even when doing quick movements in a game such as Superhot or FitXR. The strap also seems fit for a variety of different head sizes with Kiwi promising a range from 17.7 to 29.5 inches. So regardless of your cranium sizing you’re sure to be in a great position to be able to adjust it as required.

This is complimented by the strap’s hinge which basically allows the headset to flip to up 52 degrees. We often struggle dealing with the annoyance of full removal of the headset if something enters your play area or you need to answer the door or get your phone. So to have this as an additional extra truly is helpful when you want to check your surroundings without removal of the headset. A genius inclusion. 

On top of these the team at Kiwi have been good enough to consider the practicalities of moving the headset around, ensuring that the Kiwi Comfort Strap securely fits within the official carrying case and most third party Meta Quest cases on the market. We were particularly blown away by this, it’s such a great move and ensures that you don’t need to repurchase your range of accessories just in order to use the comfort strap.

This plus the fact that the Kiwi has an 18 month warranty really does make it a game changer for those in the market for a new strap for their Meta Quest. It’s comfortable, easy to install and a bargain at the price. Make sure you grab one from