Walk Tall with Walking Pad’s Incredible A1 Plus

Since 2015, WalkingPad has quickly established itself as a market leader following its incredible array of treadmills and walking machines hitting the market to great applause. Recently we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity of testing out one of these incredible pieces of kit first-hand with WalkingPad’s impressive X21 Double Fold Treadmill. So when the opportunity arose to try the brand’s latest model the A1 Plus, an upgrade to their existing A1 Pro we gratefully accepted. The A1 Pro had previously made major waves online with countless fans sharing the benefits of being able to walk and work via social media using such a discreet machine. What really attracted us was the fact that the pad could be so easily folded down, making it extra easy to pull it out whenever you needed to. Let alone the fact of its adaptive speed control which ensured users could change the speed of the belt via a remote control. Baring that in mind, we were further intrigued to see how such a fantastic piece of kit could be improved upon. 

Upon unboxing,  it’s clear the A1 Plus has been built with the high level of quality shared with the X21. The footprint is particularly impressive compared to its big brother the X21, with the WalkingPad folding down to just 82 (L) x 55 (W) x 13 (H) cm. That really does mean that you can slide it underneath a sofa or discreetly fold it away when not in use and it won’t cause obstruction or be akin to a non retractable model. Also unlike the X21, the A1 Plus folds just once meaning it’s easier to unpack with absolutely no assembly required. Something which is real peace of mind for those looking to quickly get a workout in without unnecessary fuss. It should also be said the pad is remarkably lighter than the X21, at 23kg instead of 38kg though the integrated wheels on the base of the machine really do help to allow you to easily place the unit in place without risking injury in lifting. 

Once unfolded the A1 Plus’s casing is undoubtably impressive with a modern and demure black aesthetic. Inbuilt is the WalkingPad’s HD LED display which offers clear read outs of how many km/h the user is undertaking. The backlighting for the LED is particularly clear and we’ve no doubt there’d be no issues reading this both in low or high lighting conditions.

We also loved the fact that the WalkingPad came with its own inbuilt tutorial guiding you through the process of using it. Something which must be of comfort to first-time users. From previously using the X21’s central rotational controls we were particularly intrigued to see how the remote would work for controlling the A1 Plus. It has to be said the functionality is fantastic, the remote comfortably sitting in your hand and never feeling cumbersome whilst walking or setting your speed. Alongside this you can turn the machine on and off and even switch modes making it a truly great way of customising your workout. Alternatively you can also utilise the KS WalkingPad app to follow your workouts or simply adjust the speed instead of the remote. Leaving it up to personal preference.

Talking of speeds we were taken aback that such a small unit can be adjusted from 0.5 all the way up to 6km/h thanks to the KS App. What’s really amazing though is WalkingPad’s trademark Adaptive Speed Control which automatically adjusts the speed from where your feet hit the belt. That belt can take up to 300pounds (an improvement over the A1’s 105kg)  so there’s little concern for users who may be worried about potential damage to the machine. The machine is also phenomenally quiet, utilising EVA cushioning and that brushless motor truly is noticeable when in use. Something which is really helpful for those looking to work out after work during the evening. 

We were intrigued to see how the A1 Plus would differ from the X21 and it’s fair to say we were truly blown away by what we found. If you’re keen to purchase one we’d highly recommend you check out the official WalkingPad website