Winning Walking with the WalkingPad X21 Double-Fold Treadmill 

With the harsh chill of winter setting in and people understandably seeking indoor options  to running or hiking through the brutal climes of January, we’ve been looking into a whole range of alternatives that allow people to exercise without getting frostbite. With the additional fact of more and more people using standing desks in their workplaces to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time and staying healthier, there’s been a noticeable sudden increase towards the trend of  ‘waking machines’ which has quickly gone viral on social media. These machines allowing people to stay healthier by being able to work at their desks in an upright rather than sitting position, whilst simultaneously being able to walk on the spot. 

One particular brand has really caught our attention recently through an incredible marketing campaign over on social media. There’s no argument that WalkingPad really has become synonymous with walking machines. With a whole host of influencers talking about their range from the introductory ‘WalkingPad’ right up to the X21.

Being desk based ourselves it’s obviously easy to slip into a more sedentary lifestyle (especially when the weather is unpleasant and you’re enduring post-festive fatigue.) So when the team offered for us to check out their WalkingPad x 21 Double-Fold Treadmill 7.5 MPH machine we gladly accepted – eager to see what the fuss was all about.

We were lucky enough to have an opportunity to cover the (Kingsmith) WalkingPad X21 Double-Fold Treadmill which has a top speed of 7.5 MPH and able to take 240 lbs. Straight out of the box it’s clear to see this is a serious bit of kit with some incredible tech under the hood. It should also be said is that quality is reflected in the product’s weight. At around 40kg, this is not a light piece of kit. With a body made out of ABS and Aluminium Alloy – But then again it has to ensure it remains stable whilst you’re able to run at 7.5mph. No mean feat! Lighter options are available and it was reassuring that the device felt heavy enough that we knew we were not going to slip. Supplied alongside the device is a standard power card, Allan wrench, instructions and quick start up guide. The packaging was secure and we were truly taken aback by how quickly we found ourselves with a system up and running. 

What’s particularly impressive is the fact that no assembly is required with the WalkingPad’s unique space saving design for its spec. The WalkingPad easily unfolding thanks to a safety catch embedded within the centre of the system. From there, users can quickly unfold the WalkingPad, unfold and stand upright the added handrail. We measured the space and when open the treadmill measured 1007 x 711 x 1420mm – with a running area of approximately 18.1 x 47.6in / 460 x 1210mm. To us, this felt a decent amount of space for a treadmill of its type and cost. Compared to this, when folded, the WalkingPad takes up the minimum of space, literally just under  0.5 sq.m which makes it ideal for discreetly moving the WalkingPad out of sight when it’s not in use.

Talking of the handrail, that’s also something pretty special. Acting as your control hub for using the treadmill. Again this felt of high quality with a robust acrylic covering. Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps are all displayed on the OLED screen which we found clear and bright for users who may suffer from hindered eye sight. Each new selection being notified with a reassuring loud beep. You can also keep track of your workout and overall progress thanks to the added app which comes with the treadmill. What’s most impressive is the inbuilt NFC Connection with the handrail which allows you to connect directly to the data read outs thanks to the smart sensors within the system. This ensures the data displayed on the WalkingPad and mobile phone is in real time. How incredible is that?!

As mentioned before, the WalkingPad is programmed to allow its users to go from walking at a leisurely 0.5 mph right up to a speedy 7.5mph. Adjusting that speed is easily done by the centralised rotating wheel on the handrail with a bright and clear display showing the user your current speed. It should also be said the fact the treadmill won’t start without the safety key being inserted really does offer great peace of mind for those who are cautious of starting the WalkingPad without meaning to. Alongside the system’s childlock to stop younger users being able to access the system unaided. Inbuilt within the WalkingPad itself is an overload protection system and automatic standby so the system will react and stop the system should it sense any overloading of the belt. Whilst still being on automatic standby for running. 

What really took us back was the quietness of the WalkingPad. Having used treadmills previously within various gyms we’re aware that treadmill motors can have a habit of being loud, especially in small spaces. But in the instance of the Double Fold this was not the case. We’re told this is thanks to the brushless motor which offers ultra-quiet movement whilst ensuring the treadmill is kept secure and steadfast throughout your training. This is especially helpful when being used in an office environment where the concern maybe disturbing others around you. We really pushed the motor too, upping speed to the max. It’s safe to say even when pushed for a long duration at its maximum setting the WalkingPad did not cause any issues of disturbance. Truly something we found very impressive compared to other competitors out there. The belt also ran continuously without issues and felt secure without any risk of slipping. 

 We tried the X21 on multiple occasions in a variety of spaces. It’s true its weight proved an issue for moving the item around. But this is clearly a product that you’ll keep in one room without relocating often. The system ran smoothly constantly, and the added app offered a great way for us to track our progress. For the cost alone the X21 is an absolute bargain in our opinion, especially compared to other similar treadmills out there.

If you’re looking for a walking pad which will allow you the full option of being able to workout casually right up to intensively then in our opinion the WalkingPad X21 can’t be beat. Make sure you grab yours today from