Game changing charging with the Journey ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat

Keeping your desk clear of clutter is imperative for anyone who spends most of their day at their desk. The challenge has always been what sort of setup should you opt for to ensure a clean and minimalist setup.

One brand which has really stood out in 2022, with an incredible social media campaign has been the new kid on the block ‘Journey’ who specialise in tech accessories from chargers, to cases and straps. One Journey product which really caught our attention was the brand’s Journey ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat series.

Not only does the mat offer the user a clutter free means of using a mouse on a desk – but it comes with a whole host of additional great features. These include a conductive charger for your headphones alongside a similar style of charger for your smartphone! Not to mention an area to conceal paperwork safely out of sight.

The Journey team were kind enough to allow us to try out the desk mat for ourselves and see what all the fuss about. So eagerly unboxing the mat we braced ourselves for a desktop declutter!

On first look, it’s clear why the mat has gained so much attention. The quality feels fantastic, with the plush felt backing cushioning every keystroke and the smooth vegan leather offering a reassuring finish to the mat. That’s reflected in how well a mouse performs on the mat with clean tracking throughout.

What we particularly liked is the Modular element of the wireless charging unit which connects to the fundamental mat magnetically. This charging panel powered by USB-C allows you to fast charge your smart phone and earbuds simultaneously. We’re told these are compatible with iPhone 12/13/14/15, AirPods. We tried it with our own XR and airpods without any issues whatsoever. In fact charging was surprisingly fast for a conductive unit fast surpassing our expectations.

We also loved the fact that the ALTI provides a discreet overlay to stow any loose papers or notes away without issue. This is hugely helpful if (like us) you’ve got extensive amounts of paper stored literally everywhere. There’s room for a decent amount of pages which is something which will prove invaluable in storing notes in the future.

Ultimately we loved the ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat & Wireless Charging Pad. It offers a truly unique and clean means of decluttering your desk without any compromise to your aesthetic. With the option of a larger (68cm x 37cm) model or Slim (73 x 30) model in both black and grey, you’ll feel free to customise to your heart’s content.  

Make sure you grab yours direct from the site at