Radical Home Cleaning with the RoboVac G30 from Eufy

Smart devices with a keen focus on keeping your house clean with low effort from the user have long been an area of tech we’ve been interested in. One brand, in particular, has continued to impress us, standing (in our opinion) head and shoulders over many other leading brands by offering intuitive, effective smart cleaning devices at a fraction of the price of their competitors.

Eufy’s home cleaning range includes a variety of Robovac’s targeted at keeping your house clean whilst you’re not home or too busy to do so. These also integrate with Amazon’s Alexa to offer full connectivity and voice commands, something which really took us by surprise. So when the team offered for us to check out their best seller the RoboVac G30 there was no way we’d miss out on such an amazing opportunity.

Straight out of the box, the G30 comes with enough accessories to ensure you’re well prepared for any of the Robovac’s needs without feeling like you’ve been dumped with a load of nonessentials. The Robovac’s charging base offers a sleek, small powering station for the device powered by a minimal AC Power Adapter. On top of this, the device comes with two side brushes meaning you’ve always got a spare should one bite the literal dust alongside an additional Unibody filter and cleaning tool to make sure your device stays in top condition. The accompanying welcome guide is refreshingly straight forward and setup took us little time at all. What’s also great is the additional 12-month warranty each Robovac comes with, so if for some reason things do go awry with your model, you’ll have a backup.

Aesthetically the Robovac really does fit Eufy’s classic styling of minimal but elegant tech with a sleek outer casing that looks durable yet demure. The surrounding buffer also promises to protect the RoboVac when driving into any surface. The device’s dimensions of just 32.5L x 32.5W x 7.3H centimeters are also small enough to allow the device to sit seamlessly within your home setup without ever taking up too much room or looking out of place.

Within under 15 minutes, we had our Robovac up and running, with little to no fuss connecting to the home Wi-Fi. With a cleaning area encompassing a large stone kitchen floor we really wanted to see how well the G30 would perform in arguably one of the most busy areas of the building. So after installing the Eufy home app we fired up the G30 and set it to work.

Within moments the G30 had stated it would ‘start cleaning’ and set to work busying itself around the floor. That’s made all the easier by the integrated Smart Dynamic Navigation system that Eufy has implemented into these remarkable devices.

A means for the Robovac to plan a path around your entire house, logically without taking random routes. In doing so, the hope is for more floor coverage to be cleaned. In practice, we were astonished to watch the G30 behave intuitively, carefully mapping paths so every area was given an equal amount of cleaning coverage.

That cleaning is also something to be amazed by. Through utilising the Eufy home app users can easily select their cleaning preference with up to 2000 PA of suction power. With the higher suction that of course means recharging is required a little quicker than if it was on a regular suction. But regardless cleaning times remained impressive throughout and we found the fan noise remarkably quiet considering the power.

 It should be mentioned that suction power is also benefited by Eufy’s BoostIQ Technology which allows for seamlessly transitioning from hard floors to carpets cleaning. Alongside a rug on our stone floor, we also had a couple of particularly hefty doormats and we were stunned to watch the G30 tackle them with ease.

What’s more, is that the RoboVac’s Lithium Ion battery really does allow the RoboVac to run and run without any issues. By leaving the homebase charging the RoboVac will task itself with returning to charge on completion. Something which really is quite remarkable to watch.

Emptying the RoboVac is also made phenomenally easy thanks to the waste compartment on the rear of the device. All you need to do is click the grip section to detach the compartment so you can remove and empty it. On first use, we were truly intrigued to see how much such a small device could collect but we really shouldn’t have worried. For a quick 5-10 minute clean we were shocked to see the compartment full, testament to just how powerful that BoostIQ is.

All in we absolutely loved the RoboVac G30. For the cost alone it’s arguably one of the most effective home-smart vacuums you’ll get. But the fact it’s created by Eufy and comes with their trademark seal of quality means this really is up there as one of the best on the market.

Get yours today from – https://uk.eufy.com/products/t2250?variant=37778682118337&ref=pd_live_img#6153983131841-1