Blasting into new Universes with Secret Cinema: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: The Live Immersive Experience’!

We’ve long been ardant fans of Secret Cinema’s events. Their M.O. of combining the immersion of interactive theatre (made famous by the likes of Punchdrunk) throwing you deep into the heart of the action, alongside a cinema experience second to none is a phenomenal combination. 

As huge fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we could not have been more excited when we heard talk of the team’s latest planned event, ‘Secret Cinema: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: The Live Immersive Experience.’ With such a vast array of potential, exciting set pieces from the GOTG films and a vivid colour palette and legendary retro soundtracks this was surely set up to be one Secret Cinema to remember. We were briefed well in advance to suit up accordingly to our specified ravager aesthetic as part of the ‘Gathering of the Clans.’ So, dressing in our required clan uniform and packing our essential mixtape we blasted off to the location and awaited what was surely going to be an event to remember.

On arrival and after watching a variety of other clan members being herded towards an ominous warehouse location, we found ourselves venturing deep into an unknown space cruiser. As with all Secret Cinema events, the interiors and sets truly are astounding and within seconds of stepping through those sliding ship doors your thrown into the Marvel GOTG universe, with audio and visuals absolutely on point in recreating the atmosphere of the films.

Stood amidst a group of other gaping visitors, we were swiftly briefed about the night in question which was to be centred around the ‘gathering of the clans’ a competition to specify the best clan in the universe through earning points via a wide array of competitions. A seemingly new step for Secret Cinema and one which we were eager to see play out.

Minutes later we were walking out into a strange new alien world filled with backdrops and a cityscape that was utterly breathtaking. Futuristic food-stalls and Neon lit backdrops could not be more on point with the film’s aesthetic. Amidst which it’s great to see an array of actors portraying some of the most beloved Guardian characters.

Some of the most fun at SC events are surely from the exploration aspect of the experiences and the same could be said this year.  With such a huge mix of clans and actors thrown into the mix it really gave the night a truly rich feeling of depth and believability. 

Eager to grow our units for our respectable clan, we did our best to interact with the live actors at the keen to boost our clan’s points above the other competitors. The great thing about the immersion aspect is the fact that participation is welcome but not essential. So if you’d rather take a backseat and just explore then you’re more than welcome. However there’s nothing more fun than being able to interact directly with one of the actors depicting one of your favourite characters from the Marvel films. The fact the scores of the clans can be altered dependent on how well the clans do really does set this year’s Secret Cinema apart as a true sandbox style event, 

It should also be said the quality of food and drink truly was next level this year. The burgers in particular were phenomenal. Along with which, a wide variety of space cocktails are on offer to quench the thirst of any parched clan member. Again the fact these are made on the spot rather than premixed amidst such busy crowds really shows the attention to detail the Secret Cinema team put into these events.

In the run up to the main competition announcement, the audience are treated to what can only be described as a mind blowing spectacle of acrobatics alongside a light show. In our opinion, this has to be one of the most exciting live aspects to date at the Secret Cinema events, perfectly recreating one of the major scenes in the first film and setting up the main event, the film itself. The stunt work is breathtaking, especially being so close to the audience, you really do feel like you are in the heart of the movie universive.

Following the end of the immersive experience, audience members are ushered into the main screening of the film itself ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.’ As one of our favourite Marvel films it’s a joy to see how perfectly the seating has been set up to mimic a space cruiser. It should also be said it’s absolutely worth paying the extra for premium seating and being able to order drinks directly to your seat via nearby touchpad. An ingenious touch. The screening itself is made all the better with the inclusion of additional overhead lights which respond to various scenes within the movie. This element really did give the screening a radically new atmosphere and one which just has to be experienced to be believed.

All in, this has to be one of our favourite Secret Cinema experiences to date. As Marvel fans you’ll also be hard pushed to find anything that throws you into the heart of the Marvel cinematic universe akin to this.

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