Spectacular Sound with Anker’s Motion Boom Speaker!

With a summer that seemingly is never ending, there’s surely no better excuse for taking your

audio out  and about with you for enjoying in the great outdoors. But it’s no secret that portable audio systems have long had a mixed history of success ranging from bluetooth connect ability issues right through to easily breakable casing. 

So when we saw Anker’s latest release via their SoundCore brand, the ‘Motion Boom’ outdoor speaker system, a system which promised huge, distortion free stereo sound with a 24 hour playtime and waterproof casing, we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.

With an aesthetic that slickly captures a look of a modernised ghetto blaster, the black elegant casing of the Motion Boom is definitely eye catching. That casing itself is actually IPX7 waterproof and IT FLOATS! So whether you’re pool side, or planning on hitting the beach you don’t have to worry about any water damage to your sounds. 

–  and wow, what sounds they are. That’s from the titanium diaphragms which offers crystal clear audio, even pushed to the higher decibal limit. One thing bluetooth speakers are notorious for is ‘crunching’ and distorting sound when played too loudly. Not in the case of the Motion Boom. This system comfortably keeps audio sounding clear, with trebles sounding crisp and bass sounding warm and deep thanks to Soundcore’s very own BassUp technology, a tech we’ve previously shouted about before with their Flare series. It honestly has to be heard to be believed. We’ve still yet to find any bluetooth speaker who can emulate bass to this level. 

The great thing about the sound is the fact you can customise your own eq preferences thanks to the Soundcore App. There’s some fantastic presets already on the app, we particularly liked Treble Boost which really gives vocal tunes a clarity unparalleled by other bluetooth speakers. By setting your own preferences in the app you can also later revisit these and change to suit your needs. 

You also won’t have to worry about running out of juice either. With a spectacular 24-hour playtime, the Motion Boom is an absolute beast of a speaker. Put to the test it really stood up being played for long durations without any noticeable issues whatsoever. Making this really the perfect speaker for starting the party, winding it down in the early hours of the morning and then starting it all over again! You’re not going to be charging this for a long time…

All in this has to be one of the most impressive bluetooth speakers to date on the market and, in our opinion, is up there with some of Soundcore’s finest. If you’re looking for something portable without wanting to compromise on sound, it’s hard to think of a better option.

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