Delving Deep into the Upside Down with Stranger Things Capsules!

With the Netflix sensation of Stranger Things still firmly in the zeitgeist and that cliffhanger ending of S5 part 1 still on all of our minds, its no wonder that Stranger Things frenzy is still very much in the air.

As big fans of Stranger Things we’ve been interested in seeing the vast array of ST related products which have hit the market. But one line in particular really caught our attention, the incredible Stranger Things Capsule series from Kap Toys and Maxx Marketing. Unlike other collectables, these capsules really stand apart offering a host of Stranger Things collectables in one awesome retro, vintage TV container.

Each capsule includes a 3 scene trading cards, 1 character card, 1 art card, 1 TV display card and
1 sticker reveal card alongside a character figure! It has to be said the quality really is next level and the likeness and detailing of the character figures is quite simply brilliant. There’s also an ultra-rare Demogorgon variant to keep an eye out for. The presentation is superb with the cards feeling suitably 80’s in their design and packaging.

The really great thing about these capsules though is the mystery element behind each one. Your tasked with helping Jonathan to develop his photo using water, alongside playing an 80’s themed arcade game via scratching off panels. It’s a great concept and really adds to the depth of the collectibility.

The other great aspect is the fact you can use the TV alongside the display card to slot in and present a great way of showing off your figurine. It’s the perfect way to present these figures and really helps push that 80’s aesthetic.

We loved the Stranger Things Capsules. They’re essential for fans of the show and extremely reasonable. Check them out over at