A Powerhouse of Possibilities with Anker’s Powerhouse charger.

With the surge in energy bills this year being a real talking point over here in the UK, we’ve been looking at different tech currently on the market offering solutions to paying over the odds on using smaller gadgets. 

One piece of tech which instantly caught our attention was from our friends over at Anker who’s range in charging stations have been lighting up the tech world for a while now In particular their great range of charge banks.

So when we caught sight of their latest release, the incredible 521 Powerhouse, a power station which promises all the means to charge 2 x USB-A  powered gadgets, 1 x car outlet and a standard AC Outlet we simply had to find out more!

Out of the box there’s no hiding the fact that the 521 is a gorgeous looking piece of kit. For a piece of tech of it’s size it’s still reasonably light, coming in at just 4.34kg for a literal powerhouse of energy. Under the hood that energy comes from LiFePO4 batteries which offer 6 times longer lifespan than your usual batteries which can last 3000 cycles against the length of an average battery you might find in a power station. Those batteries also charge up to 256 Wh meaning you’re going to have more than enough juice whether you’re out and about or simply charging essentials in a blackout.

Charging is quick and easy, you simply plug into an AC and within under two hours you’ll be ready to go. Monitoring your charge is conveniently viewable via the device’s Smart Display on the front of the Powerhouse. From there you can view the battery capacity and any current inputs and outputs from the unit. We were eager to put the Powerhouse to the test and see just how well if functioned with multiple gadgets.

It should be said the Powerhouse operates primarily on appliances with a rating of under 200w. This makes it absolutely perfect for camping expeditions too where you might need to charge a smart phone, enable a light or power a fan on the go. Given the unit’s protective drop.-proof unibody structure it really does feel comfortably robust. You know that even out in all conditions it’s going to take A LOT to stop this machine. Also, if you are in a blackout, the Powerhouse actually has an inbuilt light making it perfect for emergency use!

We decided to put the Powerhouse to the test, trying out charging a smartphone, and then laptop. You’d expect a unit like the Anker Powerhouse to be extremely audible. That’s not the case at all and you’ll wonder how a piece of kit like this functions at such a low decimal rating. 

But most impressive of all though is it’s charging capabilities. We were amazed that over the course of a weekend we got four charges from an apple MacBook being used extensively. Even more incredible was being able to charge a smartphone over 7 times during the course of the week. We’re told that’s nothing and that in fact the Powerhouse will charge up to 20+ times your smartphone! Other ideal portable gadgets for powering include cameras, mini fridges, drones and even wi-fi routers. The latter we’re told can be powered for up to 19 hours! Truly an essential if you’re likely to suffer blackouts. 

There’s so, so much you can say about the Powerhouse, we’ve not even touched upon the 10-year lifespan and it’s power saving mode. It’s literally packed with features and just as piece of mind as backup for the home you’ll be pushed to find anything else this good at the price.

We loved the Powerhouse 521 – ensure you check it out over at