Wireless wonderment with the Nomad Wireless Base Station Stand.

We’ve been following Nomad now for a number of years and have always been enamoured by their constantly evolving array of accessories for smartphones, tablets and their accessories. Starting initially with our coverage of the incredibly cutting edge ‘Charge-card’ right up to the stunningly stylish recent iphone iPhone cases and leather mouse mats. 

With the brand’s ever increasing array of releases we’ve been particularly intrigued by their wireless chargers which combine that trademark, prestige Nomad style with the high functionality we’ve come to expect from their tech. When we heard about the new Nomad Wireless Base Station which vertically charges iPhones, AirPods Pro, AirPods or any other wireless charger compatible devices we were intrigued to find out more. So when the team kindly offered a chance to check out the Nomad Base Station Stand we simply couldn’t refuse. 

 Delivered in Nomad’s high-end packaging the Base Station Stand really is the perfect example of refined design that fits seamlessly both into any desk space or simply on a tabletop. That black, sleek casing is gorgeous. Covered with a padded leather charging surface, the stand has a reassuringly tactile finish which also feels reassuring secure for securing your devices in place for charging. The styling is also minimal as to Nomad’s other products with a small LED charging indicator being your only noticeable suggestion of tech under its sleek hood. What’s great is that light actually dims at night thanks to an unbuild ambient light sensor which automatically dims the LED in dark conditions.

The stand itself feels robust and sturdy enough to support your device vertically on a table or desktop. That’s down to the the aluminium body and padded leather which keeps the unit and any devices secure. What’s great is the fact that the device can be positioned in either a portrait or landscape positioning whilst being charged, making it ideal for watching videos off your device whilst in bed. 

We were really impressed with the stand itself. Charging times for devices were noticeably quick. Whilst the 2-metre braided cable is a great asset and stop you struggling to tether the lead from a desktop to a mains outlet. An issue we’ve found with other desktop chargers.

For anyone seeking a desktop charger Nomad really have set a new standard with the Base Station Stand. It’s convenient, whilst remains as effectively functional as you’d expect from a Nomad product. Go check them out.