Conference Calls Taken to the Next Level with the Anker Conference PowerConf!

With offices opening back up again, one key feature has been maximising the effectiveness of tech for conference calls. Something which Anker again has more than covered with their incredible Conference PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone.This phenomenally discreet piece of kit really makes conferencing a breeze. Impressively the unit can be used either as a portable conference phone or simple a speakerphone in a conference room. Something which Forbes heralded for the PowerConf dual usage. 

Sizing is also a notable feature with the PowerConf at just 12.4 x 12.27 x 2.97 cm in size. Making it absolutely perfect for taking with you on business trips, or moving around the house for individual call needs. Also with over 24 hours call time from a single charge there’s no need to worry about running out of power right in the middle of that important meeting. Speaking of which we’re told the PowerConf is Zoom certified and compatible with all major online conferencing platforms. We tried it on Zoom and Skype without any issues whatsoever. 

Put to the test we were once again taken aback by the sound quality on offer. The PowerConf’s inbuilt 6 microphone which are arranged in a 360° dimension truly allows voice pick up from all section of a room. This absolutely makes it easily feasible to set up meetings in a variety of spaces without worrying about other parties not being heard.  That quality is also assisted by the PowerConf’s  Smart Voice Enhancement. In short that tech allows a DSP algorithm to optimise voices in real-time. Once again significantly reducing background noise. and effectively reduce background noises. It also means your voice is kept stable and without issue of volume or treble or bass. 

One other feature which we really found impressive is the PowerConf’s USB port which allows you to charge your phone. This is absolutely great if you find yourself away from a mains power charge and need to keep a call going. A small feature which really does make the difference.

We loved the PowerConf, in a world of zoom meetings and remote schooling conferencing hardware like this really does take the strain out of the transition. Its’ minimalist design and impressive size really make it a piece of kit to check out.

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