Hair raising headsets with the Anker PowerConf H500!

For those that have long become acquainted with post-lockdown zoom calls Anker have also blazed the way forward with a whole new type bluetooth headset tailored for handsfree calls. The Anker PowerConf H500 with Charging Pad has to be one of the most comfortable headsets we’ve used to date. Well cushioned and ideal for long use. 

Clearly aimed at professionals looking to make conference calls all the more easier, the tech under the hood of these headphones really blew us away. Calls were stunningly crystal clear and we were told background noise was effectively eliminated. (No more risk of noisy pets or children interrupting business calls.) 

We’re told that’s down to Anker’s ‘VoiceShield’ deep learning technology which effectively detects and basically removes background noise from the headphones. The headphones also sounded great across Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime etc. We’re told their designed for use across all these platforms which is more than evident to hear in the quality of calls. 

Also there’s no worry about running out of batteries anytime soon with the headsets battery capacity which reputedly reaches up to 24 hours of talk time with just one charge. Plus, if you find yourself in desperate need of a charge with the headset on low battery, then you can charge for just 5 minutes which will give you three hours of battery life! Charging is also a breeze thanks to the included beautiful charging cradle. With the stylish and sleek design it fits effortlessly on any desktop. 

But that’s not all. Something else which we found truly remarkable was the ability for meetings to be recorded and stored via the build in Anker Work software. Gone are any concerns of potentially missing important information from a meeting. This time you can rely on the Anker Work software to do all the hard graft. Then with just one click the software will transcribe the entire meeting.

It should be said the software isn’t free, which is a minor issue – but it’s undoubtedly worth every penny for such an effective piece of software.

This really is a great piece of kit for the office professional eager to go hands free. 

Purchase yours below: