Charming Chargers with Anker’s 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Following our foray into Anker’s latest audio releases, we were hugely intrigued to check out their amazing looking Anker 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger. This funky looking piece of kit does something really impressive with the standard phone charge by allowing the user to incorporate simultaneous wireless charging of your smart phones ( iPhone 13/12 ) along with your ear buds in a single spot! 

Thanks to the charger’s non slip base you’ll have peace of mind that the unit isn’t going to be easily knocked when positioned. Utilising it’s LED indicator you can easily keep an eye on your devices’ charge time without having to spend time loading app. It’s literally all in front of you.

Set up was incredibly easy straight out of the box with the charger’s USB-C connectivity and it’s magnetic ‘snap’ Mago technology. Quickly allowing the user to magnetically ‘snap’ their iPhone device to the 623.  What we particularly loved though is the fact that you can attach your phone via the magnetic base which allows you to flip your device  to a maximum range of 60°. That way you can position it perfectly if you’re sat at your desk, or even better, change your viewing angle for ideal ebook reading in bed!

With that kind of tech you’d expect the size to be significant, but not in the case of the 623. In fact you’ll be able to save space as the unit itself is up to 40% smaller than a traditional soda can. 

This isn’t just another phone charger, this is an all in one remarkable piece of kit which is sure to be an essential part for anyone looking to wirelessly charge both their smartphones and headphones in one spot. 

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