Live Music Quality Sound from Anker SoundCore’s Liberty 3 Active EarBuds

Next up from Anker it’s an exciting new addition to the Soundcore range, the Liberty 3 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds. Previously we’ve been privileged enough to have had a chance to check out the previous incarnations of the Soundcore Liberty range and have been taken aback by the quality of the bass and clarity of audio packed in such small Earbuds. 

First up it’s worth taking note that these earphones are recommended by  20 GRAMMY Winning Producers and it’s clear to see why. The technology crammed into each earbud really is enough to take your breath away. Utilising Anker’s ACAA 2.0 technology which facilitates a coaxial dual driver technology. In short that means the final sound delivered to your ear drums are kept to the highest standard possible with rich frequencies and an impressive depth to tone. All without interference which you might find from other headphones. That sound really is impressive too and you’ll find yourself marvelling over the soundscapes delivered in such small headphones.  

Comfort-wise the headphones are also really impressive, fitting snugly into your ear canal without feeling uncomfortable or too loose. This is aided by the range of liquid silicone ear tips allowing the user to modify the ‘fit’ of each ear bud. 

Another reason for the quality of sound will be the also brilliantly accompanied with the ear buds’ personified noise cancelling feature. That takes standard noise cancelling one step further optimising the sound by adjusting it dependent on the in-ear pressure. Which keeps volume levels stable and ensures no external sounds creep in. It’s wonderfully effective and even whilst out exercising you’d be hard pushed for issues with audio.  Oh and with up to 32 hour of playtime of these you’re not going to run out of juice, even if you’re on a particularly long exercise tip or phone call without the means to charge.

On top of this you’ve got a new great feature of multipoint connection which allows up to two Bluetooth devices to connect to the headphones. This means you can easily switch between music, calls, videos and other media. 

Somehow Anker have done it again and truly blown away the competition. If you’re regularly using EarBuds then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using the Libery Pro 3. Yes they’re arguably priced higher than some other similar headphones, but they’re absolutely worth it.

Purchase yours below: