Wonderous webcams with Anker’s C300 Smart USB Webcam for PC

With the festive season on us there’s surely no better time to delve into a range of exciting stocking fillers. So when our friends at Anker offered some of their most exciting new releases to check out how could we refuse? So over the next few days we’ll be covering a range of Anker’s latest releases which has to be said, all make for excellent gift solutions for that tech lover in your life.

First up out the box is Anker’s C300 Smart USB Webcam for PC. A beautiful camera which runs up to 1080p Webcam with Noise-Cancelling, AI-Powered Framing & Autofocus. 

Having had a chance to test out a whole range of USB cameras over the height of lockdown 2020, this offering from Anker really does stand head and shoulders above so many of the others. That’s undoubtedly partly down to it’s stunning, minimalist casing and sleek aesthetic. However it’s mostly down to the cameras incredibly crisp camera which runs at 1080p/60FPS camera with true-to-life colors. 

What really sets the camera apart is the incredible AI tech which constantly adjusts the webcam’s field of view dependent on how many people are in the meeting. That way the camera works around however many people it’s filming at any one time. It’s remarkable tech! This also works particularly well around the auto focus which quickly centres on objects within just 0.35 seconds. It’s truly impressive and very handy when showing objects to friends or clients on a call!

The camera also operated impressively well in low light conditions, something which is often prevalent when dealing with overseas clients or family. 

Quality for conferencing was top notch with superbly clear voice up. Quite often with other cameras we’ve found audio can crackle. Not with the Anker, the dual microphones pick up all minor sounds ensuring audio never ran into any issues.

This truly is a game changer for webcams and carries that high standard to both audio and visual which we’ve long associated with Anker. Well worth checking out.

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