Gratifying Grips with the Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

Something a little different from Anker, but nonetheless ingenious in its approach. A common complain for smartphone users is hand strain from holding their phones in uncomfortable positions. Or that constant struggle to prop your smart device when viewing content. 

Well Anker have once again solved that issue with a clever piece of kit, their  610 Magnetic Phone Grip.

Again incorporating Anker’s brilliant MagGo technology to allow users to quickly attach the magnetic phone grip to their iPhone 13/12 without issues. It’s incredibly easy to set up and once folded away you’re quick to forget it’s even attached to your phone.

Another great feature is the fact the holder can be rotated 360° whilst in  use. Accompanied with being able to be flipped up to 125° for a comfortable grip. This freedom of movement really does set the grip apart from other similar accessories on the market. 

We were absolutely blown away bu just how strong the magnetic grip was. We’re told by Anker that the phone is so strong it can hold up to 28 oz (800g). We’ve no issue believing that and it’s comforting to know when you’re handling your phone that it’s firmly secured to your hand. Gone are any concerns of adhesive residue from fixing your phone to other holders.

But on top of this the phone grip has a clever dual feature, operating as a handy kickstand for when you want to prop up your phone and watch content or even video call without having to hold it in the palm of your hand. 

We absolutely loved the the Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip. It’s truly ingenious and offers a comfortability to handling your smartphone which we simply never knew existed. 

Purchase yours below: