High Definition Wireless Wonders From Anker’s Life Q35 Headphones!

One thing that’s helped keep us motivated during the madness of the last year has been being able to indulge in a wide array of podcasts and online audio. So when we heard the team at Anker were producing a pair of wireless headphones under their Soundcore banner we simply couldn’t wait to put them to the test.

The Life Q35 headphones are an astounding achievement even for a brand as acclaimed as Anker. Out of the box – presentation is flawless with the headphones coming in an attractive but durable carry case. Along with which  all additional cables are kept neatly packed in a small drawstring bag for convenience. This makes them especially handy for transporting between meetings and events. 

Getting started was phenomenally easy thanks to Anker’s trademark fast bluetooth connectivity. But that’s not all as these headphones have a fantastic additional element of being able to pair instantly thanks to NFC connectivity. This means you can literally tap your android phone against the left ear cup to instantly connect with your phone. How amazing is that? Anker has also given thought to those who might be juggling devices by allowing users to effortlessly switch between music or calls on two different devices. This is such a great thought for those attempting to keep on multiple tasks without losing connection. Something which we had no problem with at all.  

What has to be noted is the sheer comfortability factor of these headphones. All too often noise-cancelling headphones carry that stereotype of being large and cumbersome. Not in the case of the Life Q35. The cups are perfectly cushioned with memory foam and a padded headband. This really helped them to smoothly sit around our ears and against our heads without ever feeling heavy or too tight. We were able to comfortably wear these for long periods of time without any fitting issues.

Talking of that headband, we were hugely impressed to discover the headphones build in sensor which automatically detects  when they headphones have been removed from your ears and instantly pauses the audio. An extraordinarily simple but incredibly effective addition which really does make things so much easier when you have to dash to answer the door or grab the phone.  

Quality is also sublime. We’re told that’s thanks to the LDAC Technology which allows three times the date to be  3 times more data is transmitted against standard Bluetooth codecs. That transfer really does make all the difference to music and calls. Bass sounds rich and trebles sound remarkably crisp. Another great aspect is that the headphones own beam forming allows for an AI Algorithm to be implemented. This means outside sounds and unwanted background noise are reduced so your own voice is kept clean without distortion. But of course that’s not all as the user can personalise they Life Q35 experience via the additional app. The tailoring aspect is great as to keep things simple you can make use of the 22 presets rather than simply being thrown in to create one yourself from scratch.  There’s also no worries about running out of playtime anytime soon. From just a five minute charge the Life headphones will run up to 40 (yes 40!) hours. A truly incredible battery life and real peace of mind if you’re unable to charge on the go.

Adjusting volume, noise cancellation and skipping songs is also made easy by the control on each cup alongside a usb c charging port. Talking of that noise cancellation we were eager to test out the Q35 NC capabilities. Something which we’ve found has been more effective in some headphones over than others. It has to be said the Q35 excels with this. Utilising 2 microphones on each ear cup which detects and removes any unwanted background sounds in your location. What makes this incredibly effective is the fact that you can switch between noise cancelling and ‘transparency mode’ allowing to hear people around you simply by tapping a cup! A brilliant addition and something we found incredibly helpful for meetings and alike.

The Q35 truly are the next level in headphone technology. Not only do they pack a mighty amount of tech withing a deceivingly small footprint, they’re also remarkably comfortable and lightweight.

Make sure you check out the Anker Soundcore Life Q35 Headphones over at https://www.anker.com/