Seasonal Chills from SelfMadeHero’s Lovecraft and Chambers Collection

With a busy Winter schedule, it’s been hugely impressive to see publisher SelfMadeHero extending their range to include a vast variety of new releases keeping us entertained amidst lockdowns and ‘the new normal.’ 

In particular one seasonal set of releases caught our attention, re-releases of the quite brilliant Culbard ‘Lovecraft’ and ‘Chambers’ graphic novels. These fantastic graphic novels compromising ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward’, ‘The King in Yellow’, ‘The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath’ and ‘The Shadow Out of Time’ turned heads a couple of years ago after they were released in their original form, followed by a gorgeous ‘collected’ edition. 

Now these beloved books have been re-released again this time in a smaller format with gorgeous new cover art by Culbard himself. These paperbacks also have forewords from acclaimed comic book writers including Dan Abnett and Jeff Lemire, really setting them apart. 

Revisiting them is a joy and amidst a month of cold Winter nights and seasonal chills they feel suitably apt. Culbard’s illustrations are stunning and evocative. Perfectly capturing the mood and tone of Lovecraft and Chambers to great avail. The new cover work also gives these publications a ‘pulp’ classic feel, again which adds to their tone as iconic horrors. It should also be said the smaller sizing of the series really offers something unique and in our opinion made them extremely comfortable for reading and transporting.

Culbard’s range of horror books were fantastic to read back when they first launched. Exploring those classic Lovecraft tales and Chambers stories which have inspired countless films and TV programs including most recently True Detective and Lovecraft County. Now with these stunning editions there’s truly no better time to collect them all.

If you’re after a Christmas gift for that graphic novel fan in your life – make sure your grab the collection now from over at