Daring Doorbells with Eufy’s Fantastic Wired Doorbell System!

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Eufy here at GYGO. Their fantastic range in smart home devices and forward thinking tech for the home really have introduced a range of incredible gadgets to households. These include their renowned laser guided robotic vacuum cleaners right through to their wireless security systems.

So following on from our previous reviews we were particularly interested to check out Eufy’s own wired video doorbell which offers a wealth of features under the hood of an extremely small footprint. These features include the likes of 2K Resolution, the lack of having to pay monthly fees, secure storage, a weather resistant casing, and a real-time response all for an extremely competitive cost.

So when the team reached out and offered to let us cover one of the units we couldn’t refuse! We loved the wireless unit, how would the wired version compare in comparison to it’s wireless brethren. We couldn’t wait to find out.

Again out of the box the Eufy Video Doorbell carries that level of quality synonymous with the brand with the unit packaged neatly with everything you need to get started.  The first noticeable difference between the two units is just how much lighter the wired version of Eufy’s doorbell is. Running on a wired connection there’s less tech to be cased within the unit which makes it all the more easier to fit onto the facia of your door frame. This really helps the device discreetly sit on the front of your house without any issues.  Also leaving you safe in the knowledge that it’s IP65 Weatherproof casing will ensure complete operation even in extreme temperatures both high and low. 

Put to the test the app is phenomenally quick to get started and synced with your phone and Homebase, the renowned security hub for your camera. All your video clips are stored to this device and are kept secure with  Military-grade AES-256 data encryption so you know you’ll be able to access them via the app when you need them most. Like the wireless version, you can rely on up to 16gb of storage within this sleek demure device, something which we found hugely reassuring.

Also again like the wireless version, there’s no fees here. In fact once you purchase the Eufy wireless doorbell there’s no additional costs to running this system unlike competitors such as Ring or Nest. Another great feature is the fact that the crystal clear 2k image (high definition 2560 x 1920 resolution) , is transmitted in real time, making it far more smoother than the wireless version. This is also aided by Eufy’s advanced HDR and distortion correction. Absolutely ideal if you’re recording miscreants attempting to gain access to your property or even if you just want to speak to the postman without a pause in streaming. 

This camera also carries the same tech as the Eufy wireless version which means it intelligently detects body shape and face patterns (so there’s no chance of a cat triggering the system and wasting precious space on your Homebase. 

Admittedly connecting up the Eufy wired video doorbell was a little more complex than the wireless version. However it was kept straight forward thanks to the built-in app which talked you through how to connect the doorbell to your electricity supply. If you’ve already got an electrical supply running to an existing doorbell you’re in luck and sure it’s a little more complicated than just fixing to the wall. But we were still impressed with the level of help the app offered. If anything the wireless version obviously makes things a little easier.

As with the wireless version once connected the video doorbell performed superbly. With it’s 2K resolution, coupled with WDR and distortion correction video was ultra smooth (we’d argue smoother than the wireless version). This made the intercom feature even more easier to use with visitors.

Again the sensor also proved effective. It can be over sensitive at times but we’d recommend you’d carefully go through the settings using the  Eufy app and you can tailor it to suit your own needs thanks to it’s ‘activity zone’. Something we found particularly handy in a busy street. Eufy’s ‘Enhanced Human Detection’ (a sophisticated AI system ) is just brilliant at  instantly analysing movements so they can be recorded in day and night.

True installation is a little more complex than it’s wireless bretheren but we loved the Eufy wired video doorbell. It’s a great way to monitor your own home at a fraction of the cost of it’s competitors. Check it out today at