Superb Shooting with Superhot VR!

The Quest has become a VR headset synonymous with independent – first person shooting games adding a level of freedom which other headsets such as the PSVR and Vibe simply can’t offer. Amidst those gaming titles ’Superhot VR’ has stood out for it’s ease of use and sheer enjoyment in gaming. Setting the player is a gorgeous polygonal setting with a host of rendered foes to fell with a range of weapons. The joy being how the game progresses at normal speed only when the player moves which allows for some cool slow-mo fight scenes.

We were honoured when the Superhot team offered us a chance of checking out the full game so, firing up the quest and loading our polygonal guns we jumped to see what all the fuss was about.

Originating back in 2013 as part of the 7 Day FPS challenge, Superhot was a title which cased a huge amount of hype on it’s first release. Now moved into VR the effect is mesmirising. With the player finding themselves in a minimalistic environment set to take out a range of enemies who are ever intent on trying to kill them. 

Gameplay is incredibly simple to pick up, there’s no health bars or energy bars on offer. The player is able to move freely to pick up and activate weapons whilst trying to avoid being hit or shot by a hostile. It takes just one hit for a hostile to kill the player and a whole level must be repeated. 

The weapons are a huge amount of fun to try out including standard firearms. Along with which also a huge array of everyday objects are on offer for the player to use to throw or launch at their enemies all with reassuring sfx. We particularly loved launching bottles at enemies and watching them ‘crack’ like porcelain as the bottle struck them. 

Superhot really comes into it’s own though in the midst of action when waves of enemies attack and the player finds themselves in a ‘Matrix-like’ situation, dodging bullets and shooting an enemy only to catch it’s gun in mid air. It’s the stuff Hollywood blockbusters are made of and something which we loved getting stuck into. 

There’s a whole host of levels to keep you busy within Superhot VR and believe us when we say you’ll find yourself returning over and over again for another ‘quick’ game. The addictive nature to the gameplay is a sheer delight. On top of which once you complete the campaign the player can unlock an ‘endless mode’ which will ensure you have to survive as long as possible as wave after wave of enemies descend upon you. 

We loved Superhot, if you’ve always had aspirations of being Neo then this is surely an essential purchase for the Quest. Grab yours today