Powerful Projections from the XuanPad Mini Projector!

With people largely still staying inside there’s arguably no better time to delve into the world of home cinema. We’re sure many people would have no idea though just how much home projector set ups have come down in price over recent years.

So when the kind people at XuanPad asked us if we’d like to cover their impressive looking Mini Projector which offered a big screen experience, low noise and a long lamp life we simply had to find out more!

Straight out of the box the Xuanpad is an impressively small piece of kit at just 19.8 x 15.3 x 6.85 cm and only 900 Grams. With a clean white casing and satisfying control system. Getting started was also incredibly quick and after quickly connecting we were ready to go!

What really sets the XuanPad apart is the fact that the projector is equipped with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, supported 1080p resolution. On top of which you can expect 35% brighter images than other similar projectors in market. In test we were really startled just by how bright the picture was compared to other similarly priced projectors. That picture is also at an impressive size (32~170 inches) with a 1m to 5m projection distance so you really are experiencing an impressively large format. It might not be as crisp as other projectors but then for the cost and size it’s remarkable.

But the big question is how does the sound hold up on such a small device? Well we’re pleased to say excellently. With the projector’s capability to be connected to external speakers you can really find an audio preference to suit your own requirements.

Also, projector noise can often be an issue sometimes meaning an intrusive ‘whirring’ over the top of your film. Not in the case of the XuanPad as this projector’s noise level was remarkably quiet. We’re told this is thanks to  advanced fan cooling technology which cool the heat of lamp efficiently, extending the bulb life to 55,000 hours. In theory that would mean the projector could be used more than 15 year!

What really sets this projector apart is the fact that it’s able to be connected to a range of devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, X-Box gaming systems to allow you to play in a large format! We tried this out and we have to say the quality was superb. We had no issues with buffering rates or glitching whatsoever. 

If that hasn’t convinced you, then the fact the projector comes with a 2 year warranty of satisfaction might. So if you’ve any issues whatsoever you can quickly get it sorted with the manufacturers. Complete peace of mind!

For a compact projector the XuanPad offers everything you could need. It’s well worth checking out. https://www.amazon.co.uk/XuanPad-video-projector-Multimedia-Compatible-Smartphone-X-6/dp/B07SHMSVCP


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