Keeping Fighting Fit with FitXR

Amidst the pandemic, it’s clearly been a struggle for people in lockdown to adjust to living without the full access to gyms and exercise areas they’ve been used to. There’s already a healthy selection of fitness titles available on Oculus Quest which have been popular for those unable to get into their regular fitness spaces, however, one title, in particular, has been lauded for it’s intuitive design tailored to it’s user.

‘FitXR’ originated as BoxVR back in 2017. A well-loved titled at the time, it’s new incarnation has seen a serious upgrade. With reworked visuals and a whole host of new ways to keep you pumped for the workout. Boxing remains central to gameplay with a real range of moves including jabs, uppercuts, hook punches and double punches to keep you active. However those have now been accompanied by movements such as squats and leans making the player physically move in their spaces. Upon loading you’re greeted with a beautifully rendered interior of a gym entrance. From here onwards you can enter your own details about your age and weight (if wanted) and then you’re set to choose your own class.

What’s really interesting about this is how the developers teamed up with fitness instructors to organise actual workouts which you can choose from your menu system. Want a quick five-minute workout? No problem! Alternatively want an hour-long intensive class. Again fill your boots, there’s a huge range on offer to ensure workouts never feel repeated or tiresome. Each class has it’s own breakdown which you can view from the menu board. Also, should you start tiring you’ve got a trainer on hand to keep you motivated so you don’t miss those important strikes or jabs. Along with those options you also have a real range of music options on offer to keep you powering on. In the mood for some electronica? Or maybe some high octane rock? Either way, you’ll be spoilt for choice and it’s a real pleasure taking each class and finding out new tunes to work out to. We’re told you can also add to your music selection by buying additional add-on packs. Something which will hugely boost the returnability of FitXR.

So gameplay-wise how does it hold up? We tried out a range of different options from a light intensity workout to a 30minute training session. We were astonished at how well each workout pushed us. The planning and strategy behind the game really is evident and you’ll quickly start to feel the burn after starting an intensive workout.  Performing the actual moves required is also evidently incredibly straightforward which is fantastic as it really makes it a game that most people will be able to pick and jump into straight away. Punch icons satisfyingly explode when you strike them, and squat bars ‘whoosh’ over your head as you duck to get out of their way. Additional points are added for particularly powerful strikes which again really keeps your head in the game when you’re beginning to sweat.


FitXR is an ingenious and intuitive way for people to keep up their fitness without stress or worry about attending busy spaces or booking classes. In our opinion it’s a must for any Quest owner.

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