A Geeks Dream

A Geeks Dream

by Samantha Swan

Are you someone who is a fan of all things superhero? Would you like to find memorabilia to kit out your home with? Then you have certainly come to the right place, because we have it all here for you and where you can find it.

1.)  Superhero Cushions

Cushions are a great decoration for either the living room or bedroom; they’re a great comfort for days when you are feeling lazy or maybe you just want them for decoration, the choice is yours.

Madeit.com, 2013

2.)  Wall Paper

Ok, so wall paper requires work in order to decorate a room with, but you can’t deny how awesome it would be to have a room with Spiderman or Super Mario all around it. People would be in awe if they saw it.

3.)  Bedding

We all need bedding, so why not spend a little and buy some with The Avengers on it; a great chance to snuggle up with The Hulk on a cold winter’s night.

4.)  Chairs

If you have some spare cash lying around why not spruce up your home with comic book chairs. Any comic book friends will be completely envious of you.

vintagevibe.co.uk, 2012

5.)  Rugs

You might not be able to buy a full carpet, but rugs can be just as good, and you can find many with your favourite superhero on them. They are great for either the living room or a bedroom; in which case, why not get a couple for different rooms of the house.