Incredible Ice Cube Trays from Oliver’s Kitchen

We love cutting edge solutions for the kitchen at GYGO and with temperatures soaring, arguably it’s the time of year when ice has never been more indispensable. That’s why we were hugely intrigued to be passed information on Oliver’s Kitchen, a new kitchenware brand which is turning heads in the cookware market with a plethora of products on offer including stunning garlic presses, chopping boards, salt and pepper mills and much more.

The team over at Oliver’s Kitchen were kind enough to offer us the chance of covering two sets of their infamous ice trays – the standard 4 x ice cube tray set and the unique large ice cube tray set. With the weather blazing how could we simply refuse!

Up first we had a chance to check out the impressive 4 x ice cube tray set. Unlike most other ice cube sets these impressive trays have a variety of benefits. Notably these have a superb lid system which allows for the trays to be filled quickly and stored with little risk of losing water when transferring into your freezer system. Also as these are stackable you’ll be able to get 52 ice cubes out of the full set once it’s stored in your freezer. But best of all thanks to the design of each section, ice is formed in larger segments ensuring you won’t have to refill the trays as often as other trays. This is accompanied by the ingenues soft silicone base of the ice trays so accessing your ice is quick and fuss-free (without it exploding everywhere like other ice trays).


All in we absolutely loved the 4 x Ice Cube Tray set. It’s an absolute bargain considering the amount of ice you’ll be able to access from this one set alone. Make sure you get yours today from

Next up, we were particularly intrigued to check out Oliver’s Kitchen’s Large Ice Cube Tray. A product which offers a means of keeping drinks colder for longer with these impressively sized ice blocks! We were assured that these blocks are especially beneficial to drinks such as whiskey, rum and soft drinks ensuring you’re not constantly going through new ice cubes every few minutes. Something we were eager to put to the test.

It has to be said these trays produce ice which is mind-glowingly big. The sphere tray comes in at 125mm x 180mm and 47mm deep. Whilst the blocks are sized at 155mm x 165mm and 47mm deep producing simply colossally sized ice to be used in your drinks.


We were particularly impressed with the fact that the trays come stacked in non stick silicon allowing them to ingeniously connect together, allowing you to make both standard blocks and ice spheres whilst using up less space in your freezer. What’s particularly great is the fact that the silicon makes it all the more easier for releasing these large blocks when you need them most, without having to mess around attempting to dislodge them out of the casing. This silicon is also easily cleanable so you don’t have to worry about hygiene issues when refilling your case.

Straight out of the freezer, these really do surpass expectations. These cubes are next level and totally change the experience of having ice in your drink. We were blown away, especially including them with liquor which undoubtedly really gives your alcoholic drink a unique taste.

With the weather remaining bright for weeks to come we highly recommend you ensure you stock up on these today over at