Decadent Doorbells with Eufy’s Incredible Video Doorbell system

We’re big fans of Eufy here over at GYGO. As part of Anker Innovations, Eufy’s motto of ‘Smart Home Simplified’ perfectly encapsulates how they excel in delivering straightforward smart home devices that are convenient to get a grasp of and will literally revolutionise how you treat your everyday life. These range from cutting edge security systems, with groundbreaking protocols through to laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaners. It’s a dazzling array of tech under one roof.

So when we asked if we could check out the team’s latest version of their applauded Video Doorbell now adapted to be battery powered with a built-in Sony 2K sensor, they were kind enough to agree. With such a plethora of video doorbells currently out there and in such high demand with worldwide lockdowns the question is how does the Eufy Video Doorbell compare?

Unpacked, the Eufy Video Doorbell carries that brand signature level of quality which is plain to see straight from the off. The doorbell’s design is sleek and minimalist compared to many of its competitors, with a black, IP65 Weatherproof casing which we’re told will ensure nonstop operation even in extreme temperatures. Packed with the bell comes a whole host of additions including a Screw Hole Positioning-card, mounting bracket, Wedge, USB Cable for charging, Extension Wires (if you’d like a Hardwired Connection), Screw Packs, Doorbell Detaching Pin, HomeBase, Power Adapter (for HomeBase), an Ethernet Cable (for HomeBase) and a complete Quick Start Guide. So you’ve literally got everything to get your doorbell up and running with the minimum of fuss.

As aforementioned, within this haul is the accompanying Eufy Homebase unit. To anyone familiar with Eufy, the Homebase will be well known already for it’s high functionality and security safeguarding. But for anyone getting acquainted with this piece of kit, the Homebase offers Military-grade AES-256 data encryption from your doorbell. So even if the outer doorbell is stolen, your footage is still located within your home and is kept on private storage. In fact on storage up to 16gb!  It’s insanely convenient and real peace of mind.

What really attracted us to the Eufy is the fact that unlike video doorbells such as Ring or Nest, there’s no need for a subscription fee here. You can literally record the footage direct to your own Homebase. That cost-saving alone surely makes the Eufy one of the more attractive doorbells on the market.

Fitting the doorbell was phenomenally simple thanks to it’s easy to mount system and snap-on casing. As the doorbell is battery-powered there’s no need to worry about wiring anything here. You can also rest assured that with the doorbell’s 180-day battery life there’s no chance of the doorbell running out of juice anytime soon. Following affixing the doorbell to your front door, it’s quick and easy to get going using Eufy’s customised app. We were able to quickly get the doorbell up and running thanks to the quick and easy setup which talks you through connecting your Homebase to the internet and the Eufy Doorbell.

Once activated we were keen to see just how well the video doorbell would perform in some of it’s most fundamental tests. It’s fair to say were staggered by how well it operated. With a 2K resolution, coupled with WDR and distortion correction video was kept ultra-crisp. Especially given the fact that the doorbell comes complete with a 4:3 Aspect Ratio ensuring visitors can be viewed in full-frame, so unlike other video doorbells, you’re not restricted to compressed versions of those approaching your door.

This feature is also helped by the next-level sensor detection from the Eufy doorbell which does an incredible job at notifying the user via the official Eufy app when a motion alert is detected. The main critique of most sensor doorbells is their habit of over-responding. Not in the case of Eufy with it’s tailored detection alert. This feature allows you to draw your own ‘activity zone’ to ensure when the doorbell should notify you. This is particularly handy for properties located within busy residential areas, with extensive passing traffic and pedestrians. This is also helped by the Eufy’s ‘Enhanced Human Detection’ – meaning it’s sophisticated AI system instantly analyses movements and does a fantastic job at accurately predicting whether it’s human or animal. We were really impressed by this, and for a doorbell of it’s kind it did a great job of identifying actual people compared to smaller moving objects.

Another great feature (especially relevant now) is the fact that you can respond in real-time to visitors. Just by using the Eufy app, you can live chat with friends via the Eufy doorbell or inform visitors to leave packages for you on the doorstep. Should you happen to be out? That’s not a problem as you can record up to three instant responses for visitors who might miss you. We also loved the fact that you can link Eufy to Alexa or Google Voice Assistant meaning you can talk out loud and gain instant access Alexa or Google to your own video feed.

All in the Eufy Video Doorbell battery powered is a fantastic piece of kit, which offers some truly impressive technology for both monitoring your property exterior and being able to liase with visitors when it suits you most. On top of which is seamlessly integrates into your Eufy home setup making the process of setting up a joy.

This is an absolute must for anyone in the market for a new video doorbell. Make sure you get yours today from