Ratchet and Clank – Into the Nexus – They’re Back On Form!

The day has come, gather the children, alert the elders and catalogue this day in the volumes of history; a new ratchet and clank game has been released and it isn’t terrible. That’s right you heard me, IT ISN’T TERRIBLE.

I’m a big fan of the series going all the way back to the days of 2002 where Ratchet and Clank began their adventures. In the last few years we have had some really really bad games, I’ll repeat that I’m a big fan and I can stomach most things within the Polaris Galaxy but these games were awful, play it for five minutes and never play it again kind of awful.

Into the Nexus is a throwback to the classic games, a good adventure full of weapons that really don’t make logical sense but are damned satisfying to use and due to an industrial accident their tongue wedged permanently to their cheek. All of this adds up to a brilliant game (you can tell I wasn’t overly good at maths)

Since I’ve played every game from the beginning, Into the Nexus throws in a bucketloads of references to past games; I think that I’ve laughed at those more than the game itself. It’s exactly what the fans have asked for, a game that feels like the older ones but so much new stuff so you don’t feel like you’re playing the same game that you were 10 years ago.

So do I recommend you play Ratchet and Clank – Into the Nexus, why yes I certainly do. Do I recommend that you should play the original game before playing this one, I continue to agree, and do I recommend that you avoid the two terrible game that I shall not mention because mentioning them makes me angry inside, a trio of yes’s. If you haven’t played a Ratchet and Clank game then do yourself a favour and play them, not for the extreme difficulty of platforming, shooting or a mix of the two but because the experiences you will have playing these will be something you remember for a long time.