Sensational Sound with Anker Soundcore’s Spirit X 2 Pro Headphones

We’ve long been astounded by Anker Soundcore’s incredible cutting-edge range in audio products. From bluetooth speaker systems, through to home audio systems and bluetooth headphones Soundcore has blazed the way forward with their audio tech incorporating elements such as noise cancellation, impressive play-time and Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture. Recently the team were kind enough to ask if we’d be like to cover their latest Spirit X 2 Pro headphones adding to their ever increasing range of Soundcore headphones.

Having previously been blown away by Anker’s headphones such as the Liberty 2 we were eager to put the Spirits to the test – just how well do they stand up to others on the market?

As with all Anker headphones the Spirit X 2 Pro come packaged within their incredibly sleek and compact tablet charging case. Not only do these keep the headphones stored safely when not in use, but it also allows for the user to quickly charge the ear pieces simply by charging direct with a usb C cable. We’ve long been fans of Anker’s intuitive charging cases and the Spirits is no different. It’s robust yet still retains a minimal and clean look. Perfect for bags or pockets. Also charging time is particularly impressive as a simple 10 minute charge will last a user up to 1.5 hours but left on a full charge you’ll get up to 9 hours of listening time. We’re also told that incredibly you can extend this to 36 hours with the charging case (that’s up to 5 weeks!) A phenoman feat and  perfect if you’ve a day of conference calls ahead of you or you’re planning on getting out for some exercise away from a usb connection.



Where these headphones really differ from their predecessors is the fact that each earpiece has a small rubberized ear hook. Allowing users to keep the headphones comfortably placed behind each ear, ensuring they stay snug whilst users engage in activity. We found this made them absolutely ideal for outdoor activities such as taking calls whilst walking or listening to music whilst you train. What’s particularly great is the fact that each earpiece is IP68 Sweat and Waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you’re suddenly caught in a rainstorm or if the ear pieces are splashed by water. That’s thanks to Anker’s Sweatguard technology and hydrophobic nano-coating.


We were taken aback by how comfortable this made wearing the headphones and with a range of included adjustable rubberised tips and wings meaning there’s an option for every user. The headphones are so comfortable in fact that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them! Something which is particularly impressive compared to many of Anker’s competitors.

What also really sets the Soundcores apart is it’s Bass Turbo Technology, usually found in high -end speakers which adds a powerful bass resonance to all sound passed through them. This really does make music sound rich, and lower tones ‘boom’ thanks to the addition of the acoustic tube placed behind the driver. Something that also helped was the Dual EQ which allows the user to adjust the bass to our own personal preference.  That’s something which really is amplified when taking and making phone calls through the Spirits, accompanied with it’s cVc 8.0 Noise reduction. Calls we placed remained crisp and clear and never suffered from unwanted background noise, quite often found with other headsets.

All in we absolutely loved the Spirits. They’re a fantastic addition to the Soundcore family with a build that offers stability to those who are on the move or who might suffer with single stud ear pieces. At the price they’re also a steal.

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