Eye catching Eyewear with Z-Zoom

We’re fans of eye-catching eye wear over at GYGO and with such a plethora of screens in our daily life it’s easy to forget that eye care is key in our modern lives.  So when we heard about Z-Zoom a company which specialises in creating and providing high quality and stylish reading glasses available for traveling customers in airports worldwide we simply had to find out more.

Owned by Travel Blue group, Z-Zoom’s incredible range of reading glasses combine sturdy functionality with high-end aesthetics providing a range of colours and frames that will suit every glass wearer’s needs.

Each style of glasses is available with 5 verifying lens strengths which range from +1.0 through to +3.0 so you can rest assured knowing there’s a choice in there for you. But what we were most impressed with is the fact that these bespoke styles are ideal for classic or casual use with bold and contemporary styles.

They can also be easily adapted with the potential for a magnetic sunglass attachment to allow for reading in bright conditions. Accompanied with blue light filter lenses which help reduce harmful light sources from screen use. Something which is key for high-end gadget users.

The glasses are notably of a high build quality, surprising considering their impressively low price. The frames themselves felt durable but never bulky or heavy. We’re told the lenses are made with Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA ) allowing for a thin and lightweight build quality. Offering a shatter-resistant finish, which is ideal for travel glasses.

We were particularly impressed to find that all the styles came in their very own protective acrylic case to allow for safe and sturdy storage of the glasses. The case itself is fantastically robust giving you peace of mind when your glasses are stowed away. But most impressively of all is the fact that these glasses come with a 24month warranty, so if anything goes awry you can easily get them fixed without the extra hassle of buying a completely new set of glasses.

All in we were hugely impressed with Z-Zoom. With such an impressive (and extensive range) of eyeglasses there’s styles to meet everyone’s needs at some extremely competitive prices.

Visit them today at https://z-zoom.co.uk/