Charasmatic cameras with the LomoMOD No.1

We’re big fans of Lomography here at GYGO. Their impressive range of Lomographic cameras which started with the Lomo LC-A and has developed into a huge range have meant they’ve become truly the ones to watch in the world of photography.  So when we heard about the team’s plans for the ‘Lomomod No.1’ a cardboard camera built from scratch which allowed for pushing the boundaries of your own creativity we simply had to learn more! Lomography were kind enough to send over a camera for us to test out, does it live up to the hype? Most certainly.

Straight out of the box the camera comes flat-packed on sheets of cardboard with 11 x double sided patten. On top of which you’re giving a sheet of aperture plates, a Sutton lens module an aperture and shutter module, 120 film spool, a tripod nut, stickers, phonebook and a valve, tube and syringe. Why the latter? Well for a very good reason! This particularly unique camera unique allows the user to fill the lens with your own choice in liquid. This really can be anything from tea, coffee, spirits, soft drinks the sky is the limit!

Getting started was remarkably easy and once out of the box the camera is quickly constructed. By incorporating the shutter and aperture unit the camera really does allow for some fantastically exciting experimentation with filters. We loved being able to play around with different colour tones to the lenses created by our own choice in liquids! Our choice had to be liquid soap which offered some amazing effects to what would otherwise be fairly unremarkable photos. Not to mention mixing up combinations of liquids to really find your definite choice in style. 

The double-sided design of the camera allows for you to easily customise the LomoMod with a UV pattern or matte black. So you can really choose how you want your finished camera to look. Once built, you can then quickly load liquid into the lens via the syringe and a liquid of your choice. We had such fan experimenting with this. Also incorporated with the normal and bulb mode of the shutter and aperture module you can really go crazy with your photos, testing out long exposures and arty ‘bokeh’ style effects.

It should be said if you’re conscious of getting a decent stable shot, then the actual camera comes with a tripod mount and connect ability for PC-Sync and Cable release so you can still use flash and take shots way past sundown. It’s of course not essential but really does offer peace of mind if you’re looking to avoid blurred style effects. 

We absolutely loved the LomoMod No.1. With its cardboard built it offers a unique, environmentally conscious means of taking photos and adds an exciting experimentation element with its quite brilliant liquid lens capabilities.

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