Creative, Connected Cameras with eufy’s Wireless Security eufyCam E 2-Cam Wireless Home Security Camera System

Home security is something that every gadget fan is hugely conscious of in an era where the modern home is filled with expensive tech. So any means of protecting your own space and keeping unwanted visitors at bay is something we highly value. That security often comes at a high cost though. Our friends at eufy (via Anker) are well known for their astounding array of security conscious tech including video doorbells, baby monitors, and smart floodlit cameras. But we were particularly interested to hear more about their impressive eufyCam E 2-Cam. This wireless Home Security System promised the means of monitoring the exterior of your home with smart integration and quick setup something which we were eager to put to the test.

Out of the box the eufyCam comes with 2 eufy cameras and a base station for local video storage. One key element to remember is that a single charge will keep your cameras operating for approximately 6months! Compared to other home camera systems we were blown away by the longevity of the lithium power packs within the system. But then coming from a revered power pack supplier such as eufy it should really come as no surprise.

The cameras themselves are impressively well built, with a stylish white exterior but sturdy casing. It’s evident these cameras are going to stand up to a range of weather conditions. That’s down to the IP67 weatherproof-rating, meaning these cameras are going to stand up to the worst weather conditions. Mounting was also surprisingly quick. One key point to remember was due to the cam’s incredible PIR motion detecting this meant the cameras can’t be affixed behind glass. Something which shouldn’t cause any issues considering the build quality. All you need is a screwdriver to get these on the wall, whilst everything else is included within the eufy package thanks to the wireless tech in the cameras! In total we estimated approximately 10-15minutes for each camera, something which really sets it apart from the competition in setup time.

Another fantastic element is the stylish base station. This minimalist white box handily stores all your recordings, ensuring you’ve got the peace of mind that your videos are within your own home and not uploaded to the cloud. Bare in mind too that there’s no monthly fee with the eufyCam, after you’ve paid for the camera and base station you’re good to go indefinitely! After setup the discreet cameras seamlessly blend themselves with the exterior of our building in question, not looking clunky or out of place.

Under the hood of those smooth, wireless cameras there’s a whole host of tech waiting to be used. The actual cameras themselves use 1080p full 1080P Full HD live-stream for recording footage in crystal clear HD. The resolution really is gorgeous and via the affiliated app its a joy to monitor events taking place around the exterior of your house. We should also mention you can connect your Amazon Alexa to the event making it even easier to integrate it into your home setup.


Put to the test the camera response rate is second to non. Via the eufy app you’ll receive instant mobile alerts when suspicious motions are detected from the camera. What’s particularly great is the fact you can speak directly to anyone triggering the cameras via the built in two way audio. We were particularly impressed with audio quality and how well the cameras picked up sounds from the outside of your home. On top of this you can monitor the exterior of your home during night-time hours thanks to the camera’s Sony sensor which details recordings in low light conditions. The results of these were also particularly impressive far surpassing our expectations!

To help with the means of capturing any related motion, the user can actually set up activity zones’ to suit you around your home’s exterior. Furthermore you can use a smart image enhancement facility (thanks to the build in AI) to identify human faces in every image. These features really do give the cameras the edge, especially when you’re away from home and conscious of people approaching. On that note if you’re conscious of the cameras potentially being ‘pilfered’- there’s absolutely no need for worry as there’s a built in 100-decibel siren if the accelerometer detects the camera being forcibly removed.

Any worries of the data from the camera being in anyway compromised is quickly put to rest as well by the encrypted data and footage being locked down by military grade encryption. This means only by logging into the HomeBase with the microSD card inserted can you safely retrieve your data thanks to eufy’s 256-bit encrypted connection.

We absolutely loved the eufy E 2-Cam Wireless Home Security System. It’s worlds apart from it’s competitors and really does set an impressive standard for home camera technology. Make sure you get yours today from