A Deliciously Dark Winter’s Read it’s SelfMadeHero’s ‘Dance of Death’

With Christmas fast approaching there’s always a natural temptation in turning to ghostly ‘winter’s tales’ and macabre stories in particular. SelfMadeHero have always been at the forefront of such releases with their previous fantastic HP Lovecraft and M R James ghost stories series. So when we heard about the release of ‘The Dance of Death ‘ by Martin Rowson, an updated version of Hans Holbein’s 16th century classic selection of woodcuts we simply couldn’t wait to check it out.

The original ‘The Dance of Death’ was a topical look at the state of society at the time of Hans Holbein, depicting and commenting on the various lives of people at the time. Along with outlaying the fact that all would meet with the same outcome of death. Now Holbein’s famous book has been updated into the 21st century by the fantastic Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson. This new incarnation rewrites Holbein’s classic and we glimpse politicians, academics and a whole array of assorted characters from society with cutting and satirical commentary on their lives

The book is absolutely stunning, coming in at a much smaller size than most of SelfMadeHero’s previous releases. But in doing so making it the perfect stocking filler or pocketable book for a read on the go. Rowson’s artwork is of course phenomenal. Any fans of his Guardian comic strips will of course know what to expect. His depictions in particular of characters such as the Oligarch and Hollywood star are hilarious updates on Holbein’s original satirical commentaries. But still kept in the same minimalist woodcut-style which made the original so iconic. It’s a stroke of genius and extremely effective.

For any fans of the classic Holbein book or of Martin’s work we highly recommend you seek out ‘The Dance of Death’, it’s an unmissable winter’s read.

Get yours today from https://www.selfmadehero.com/books/the-dance-of-death