This is 1980s Hawkins ( and then some! ) We jump into Secret Cinema Stranger Things

We’re longtime fans of Secret Cinema here at GYGO having been honoured to have previously witnessed their fantastical words built around some of cinema’s greatest films. These include the likes of winter escapades battling ghosts at the Sedgewick Hotel for Ghostbusters. Not to mention the now legendary 1950s Hill Valley set for their Back To The Future event. Within which it has to be said queues of people lined up to get inside the exceptionally good ’80’s area’.


© Secret Cinema – Luke Dyson

So when we heard the team behind SC were planning a collaborative project with Netflix based around the hit show Stranger Things we couldn’t wait to see what the team had planned. Especially given the promise of potentially visiting some of the hit show’s locations. Accompanied with the fact of this being the first time the team have based an event around a TV show rather than a film. Naturally we were particularly keen to see how that would play out in a Secret Cinema event.  So dressed up in our finest 1980s clobber we jumped on our BMX’s and headed over to the only place any cool kid in 1980’s Hawkins would want to hang out – The Starcourt Mall ( hidden in a secret London Location.)

Even approaching the venue it’s evident from the aesthetic of the building’s exterior it’s been given the full Secret Cinema Stranger Things treatment. The effect is incredible. Any fans of the 80’s are in for a treat here. What was glimpsed at Secret Cinema’s Back To The Future’s foray into the 80’s is lavishly laid out to full effect at this year’s event. After being hustled and bustled through those mall doors you’re quickly briefed and sent on your way to fully immerse yourself into this utterly believable 80s world. It might just be us but it certainly felt as if guests have really pushed the boat out on their costumes for Secret Cinema this season. Also given the setting of a 1980s 4th July event there’s an unmistakable feeling of sheer joy amidst guests simply getting involved in the range of activities on offer.

© Secret Cinema – Luke Dyson

What’s particularly impressive is seeing key characters from the show so faithfully recreated in real life. The team have done an exceptionally great job at casting and it’s a sheer joy of being part of some key moments from the series whilst watching actors who absolutely look the spitting image of the cast. It should be said it’s also extremely important to keep an eye on these characters, following them as they integrate into Hawkins, you won’t want to miss what they might get up to.

Also, there’s that fantastic level of integration which Secret Cinema really excels in. Sure you’re thrown into a world with multiple tasks to get involved in, but perhaps you just fancy exploring instead? Not a problem! There’s a huge area to explore and there’s no obligation that you have to follow up every little hint or clue you’re given by the utterly believable cast members in order to enjoy the event. We enjoyed simply wandering around checking out the attractions and seeing what 1980s Hawkins had to offer before jumping into a quest in order to unravel some of the mysteries intertwined within the event itself.


© Secret Cinema – Luke Dyson

The main question on everyone’s lips is how a TV series translates into a screening event (after all that’s the original premise of SC). We’re pleased to say, very well in an original and unique way. We won’t give away just how the team go about this, but rest assured experiencing it will be something very special indeed. There’s a whole host of incredible stage wizardry and you’ll quite literally be blown away by the effect.

We absolutely loved the Secret Cinema Stranger Things event. It’s a whole new foray for the team and in our books it’s the finest SC so far.

You can still grab tickets and we highly recommend you do!