Lightweight and Luscious audio with the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Total Wireless Headphones

Following on our recent headphone reviews, we were honored when we our friends at Soundcore kindly asked if we’d like to check out their latest release of the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds. Now it’s no secret we’ve previously been impressed with Anker’s range in robust earbud headphones, which fit perfectly with an active lifestyle or sit discreetly in the ears for use in both travel or office environments. Accompanied by the fact that their minimalist charging case makes them ideal for packing with your everyday items. So clearly we were obviously keen to see how these new earbuds would differ in comparison to their previous incarnations. Thus it wouldn’t be untrue to say that as impressive as those previous incarnations were –  these in comparison are absolute game-changers.


Straight away it’s obvious Anker has created something very special indeed with the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. The packaging is gorgeous boasting of the headphones many features. In particular, we were taken aback to see these new Soundcores are recommended by 10 Grammy Award Winning producers! But what’s particularly noticeable is the fact that the small ‘pill-like’ box has been increased in size this time around to a flatter, larger shape in order to safely accommodate these new buds which are equally of a larger, flatter variety (but not at all any less attractive than previous incarnations).

These larger buds are justified for good reason. Underneath their minimal exterior, you can expect a diamond-coated driver, which utilises the rigid structure of diamonds to create a driver dome that maintains its rigidity even at high frequencies. That audio quality is absolutely clear from the get-go. Strings are crisp, the bass really punches and the overall level of detail is simply staggering.

On top of which you can expect HearID technology for a unique sound tailored to the user themselves. This tech basically maps your hearing sensitive at multiple frequencies, intelligently analysing the results and subsequently giving you a listening experience which is every bit personalised to your own taste. It’s a remarkable addition and something we found ourselves constantly taken aback by. This great feature is accompanied by aptX Technology which ensures the Liberty 2 wireless earphones output sound with the highest possible quality when connected and streaming from a Bluetooth device. This is undoubtedly also down to the 4 microphones and cVc 8.0 noise reduction which isolates your voice and transmits it in high-clarity for a seamless hands-free experience. This again is particularly noticeable when making calls or streaming from your smartphone. Speech clarity was second to none and we had no issues with dropouts.


Amazingly for such tech, we were expecting a shorter battery life. Not the case with the Liberty 2 Pro. These headphones come with a promise of up to 32 hours of playtime from a single charge. So that equates to a single charge giving you up to 8 hours of listening with an additional 24 hours from the additional sleek charging case. The great thing about this is how charging times are phenomenally short. From just 10 minutes charge time you can expect 2 hours of listening in total. Again that’s down to the case’s fast charge USB-C charging capabilities. An incredible accomplishment and something very handy when you’re late for the office and need to charge and run.

Previously we’ve been impressed by the fact that these buds fit so snugly in your ear canal. That again is the case with the Liberty 2 Pros. Utilising Rock-Solid Fit which is Soundcore’s definition of it’s GripFit technology keeps things in place. Simply by sliding and twisting the small headphones are locked into position and you’ll retain peace of mind knowing there’s no chance of slippage when you’re out and about or indulging in a strenuous type of physical activity such as running for a train on the morning commute or hitting the gym. A great addition to this is the fact that Soundcore kindly give you 7 pairs of ear tips of varying sizes and lengths and 3 pairs of ear wings to personalise that fit to yourself. So you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of tips for keeping these fantastic headphones in place.

It’s fair to say we’ve been blown away by the impressive technology with previous Soundcore Liberty releases. But these headphones are something else entirely. The Liberty Pro 2 are an amazing achievement and we highly recommend you seek out a pair if you’re looking to update your current headphones.