Momentous Sound Quality with the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Wireless

We’re always on the lookout at GYGO for different ways in which to enjoy music on the go. The market has been inundated with a vast array of bluetooth headphones of late but as fond fans of audio brand Sennheiser we’re always especially interested to hear of any new releases from a brand that undoubtedly is at the forefront of the audio industry.

Sennheiser’s newly released Momentum In Ear Wireless perfectly demonstrates the brand’s prowess by balancing both an incredibly attractive set of bluetooth headphones against some impressive tech capabilities. Having heard great things about the headphones we were keen to see how they would shape up against their competitors. It’s fair to say we were not disappointed.

Straightaway it’s evident these are headphones which demonstrate a very different aesthetic to your standard bluetooth headphone style.  The most eye catching aspect of the Momentum bluetooth has to be the ergonomic around-the-neck design of the headphone’s casing. This gorgeously detailed design incorporates soft stitched sheepskin nappa leather into the band, which truly makes it feel like you’re truly wearing a luxurious piece of kit. Balancing both an attractive finish with the headphones being remarkably comfortable to wear.

Importantly the actual ear adapters which sit inside your ear are comfortable and snug. This makes them ideal for customising the fit to your own ear canal and ensuring ambient noise is kept at a minimum and audio is kept clear. Which we’re pleased to say it is, very clear with some incredible crystal clear sound quality. We’re told this is down to the high-quality dynamic transducers mounted in precision milled stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels which deliver that trademark Sennheiser Sound. Bass especially was particularly effective and we think it’s ideal if you’re out training and listening to loud dance music.

We also were pleased to find the connectivity levels remained strong with the headphones Bluetooth 4.1 AAC code support and Qualcomm apt-X compatibility. Unlike other Bluetooth headphones we didn’t experience signal drops once and instead the audio was kept clear and stable throughout use. Another addition which we found especially impressive was the headphones instant pairing via NFC. This Near Field Communication allows for one touch pairing to smart device. Something which is especially handy if you’re quickly partnering with another smart device on the go.

Comfortability is something which is undoubtedly important with the 10-hour battery life of the Momentum’s Lithium Polymer battery. We were impressed to find charging time came in at just under 1hr and a half via USB charging. Making the whole process a lot easier. Controls too are kept minimal with a three button remote and high level microphone nestled into the band. These allow for making calls on the move and being able to quickly control your audio with ease. Another great addition is the fact the headphones support multi-connection of up to two devices at once, meaning you can let your friends jump on the same audio stream without any issues whatsoever and enjoy three way calling capabilities.

We absolutely loved the Momentum In-Ear Wireless headphones. Maintaining maximum comfortability for wearing whilst hiding an impressive amount of tech underneath that sleek aesthetic for the money.

We highly recommend you seek out a pair today over at