Picture Perfect in the Upside Down with Polaroid’s ‘Stranger Things’ OneStep2 Camera

As keen photography enthusiasts at GYGO we’re inundated with press releases for new digital cameras but we often yearn back to the days of analogue cameras and that speed and convenience of having a printed photo in your hands within minutes. There’s no denying there’s an everlasting appeal for the tactility and charm of an instant camera. As testament to that Polaroid have constantly stayed ahead of the curve with their classic range of instant cameras which still hold their own.even in an industry inundated with digital cameras.

So when word spread that the team at Polaroid were working on something special collaborating with Netflix’s hit series ‘Stranger Things’ we couldn’t wait to see the result. Termed the ‘OneStep 2 Viewfinder I-Type Camera Stranger Things Edition  Polaroid have created a stunning retro looking product which would easily fit seamlessly into the 1980s aeshetic of Hawkins, America. But even more impressive. the camera is fitted out with an extra bright flash developed (of course) in the ‘Hawkins National Laboratory’. Brilliantly, the actual camera is flipped ‘Upside Down’ ( so you might want to watch out for Demorgorgons showing up on your prints. )

After seeing the previews of the stunning looking camera we were keen to see how it stood up. So we were honoured when the team at Polaroid offered to let us get our hands on one of these hotly anticipated cameras. But to the test would it stand up to the hype?

Straight out of the box it’s clear Polaroid have done an incredible job with their latest ‘Originals’ series. The camera is beautifully rendered in a classic 1980s’ styling and the ‘flip’ is genius.  It should be said the camera has been released in a range of fantastically vintage colours , including Black, Blue, Coral, White (and of course the amazing looking ‘Stranger Things’ blue and red).

Point and shooting couldn’t be easier. Pressing the large red button allows for grabbing quick shots on the go. We also found the camera especially comfortable to hold making it great for extended use. With an added timer you’re not reliant on a second person taking photos which is superbly useful. With a weight of just 703g, it’s also comfortably light enough to carry around on the neck strap without being concerned of strain. With instant cameras battery life can be a concern. But there’s no need to worry in the case of the Onestep. The camera comes fitted wit a high-performance lithium-ion Battery, so with an estimated battery life of up to 60 days there’s little fear of this camera running out of juice anytime soon. When that time does come around, charging is kept ultra-simple thanks to the USB charging cable which comes as standard.

We were particularly impressed with the Onestep’s powerful built in flash featuring a vacuum discharge tube strobe, something which really helps in low light. This also features a custom shutter system utilising a precision step motor for precision photography. Something which definitely helps with the clarity of photo development. From experience we found it always beneficial to shoot in well-lit conditions however it’s great to know that kind of flash is fitted to the camera.

Generally, we found photos developed between 10-15minutes, standard for a camera of this type. But that’s not to say we weren’t still impressed considering the additional tech onboard this camera. Utilising the high-quality lens which has an optical grade polycarbonate and acrylic lens the results are clearly above the average of instant cameras. The field of view at 41 degrees vertical and 40 degrees horizontal make it particularly good at capturing details something often missed in instant camreas.

There’s no denying there’s a real charm to the aesthetic of a polaroid instant camera and you simply can’t beat the sheer enjoyment of actually handling a photo so soon after it’s been developed. We were blown away by the quality and the craftsmanship put into the OneStep 2 VF. For any camera fans or viewers of Stranger Things, this is an absolute must-have. An incredible camera which is also a superb talking point at any party.

Make sure you get yours today from https://uk.polaroidoriginals.com/collections/stranger-things