Perfect Protective Phone Casings with Nomad Rugged Folio XR

We re big fans of nomad here at GYGO. The team’s incredible range of tablet and smartphone accessories are always of an astonishingly high standard both in looks and functionality. In particular, Nomad’s range of smartphone cases have been gathering attention for a while now for their stylish inclusion of the luxurious Horween leather which gathers a patina over time. This allows for Nomad’s leather cases to carry a unique look for every user. The most recent of these cases is the Nomad Rugged Folio XR case which offers both a smooth folding holder to protect your phone whilst additionally allowing for money and credit card storage.
Straight out of the box it’s clear the Nomad XR Folio carries that high level of quality which comes as standard with Nomad’s products . The Horween leather is gorgeous and offers a pleasingly tactile finish to the holder. Whilst the Folio casing is absolutely reassuringly robust. This coupled with it’s durable finish really offers a guarantee that your smartphone is going to remain safe inside the casing. What really sets this case apart from it’s competitors is the fact it will hold up to three credit cards and a small amount of paper money. But even more impressively is the cases’ incredibly thin casing, ensuring there’s no concerns of this case looking bulky in your pocket. Also ensuring the case is a perfect replacement to carrying both a bulky wallet and a phone case.
It should also be said the case itself is built with a high-grade polycarbonate body. This body is sealed to a raised TPE bumper, hence you’ve got peace of mind for screen protection from variety of angles – fantastic if you’re prone to dropping your smart phone!
We were also reassured to find out that the case is available in a range for sizes for different smartphones. Thse include both android versions and variations for XR and XS. Also with colour variations in all of these formats of both black Horween leather and Brown Horween Leather, hence there’s an option for all tastes!
We thought the Nomad XR Folio case is a fantastic way to keep your phone safe, whilst replacing the need for a wallet and looking effortlessly stylish.
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