Positively Perfect Projections with Anker’s Nebula Capsule Max

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Anker. Previously we’ve covered a significant part of their most recent fantastic releases within Bluetooth speake and headphone technology. All of which we’ve watched blow away the competition. So recently when the chance arose for us to cover something slightly different, notably the latest version of Anker’s incredible looking Nebula Capsule Max (the follow up to Anker’s previous Wi-Fi mini projector The Nebula Capsule) we were keen to find out more!

The Nebula Capsule astonished the public when it first launched earlier this year. The team at Anker had delivered a pint-sized projector following hot in the footsteps of it’s slightly bulkier, but equally impressive Anker Mars projector. Everyone was taken aback by how much tech Anker had packed into such a small footprint. Thus in doing so, Anker provided a fantastic means to project from your smart devices or stream direct using the capsule’s built-in apps. Making it ideal for both work and home-life. So with a huge amount of deserved hype surrounding it’s follow up we couldn’t wait to see how far the Nebula Capsule Max pushed the envelope.

Compared to the Capsule’s soda can style sizing, the Max pushes it’s capabilities a huge amount further without making the Capsule’s sizing cumbersome at all. At just 5.9” in height and 3.14” in diameter, the Capsule Max is as minimalist and sleek as it’s precursor. Within that miniature housing prepare yourself for a host of newly added features which now accompany the already impressive list made standard by the Capsule.

First up it has to be said the projection is simply incredible. At a phenomenal 100 inches you’re getting a lot of coverage for your money which we found clear and bright in a range of lighting conditions.  This is down to the Capsule’s 200 ANSI lumen bulb ( 100 ANSI lumens over the Capsule’s) meaning a truly bright picture which you’ll be able to clearly see day and night. We found this surprisingly defined even in a brightly lit room. This is also assisted by the DLP technology which gets the best out of the Max in low-resolution environments. You also have the options of changing your impressive 720dpi projection mode to Front/Rear / Front ceiling and rear ceiling, so rest assured you can mount your projector without having to worry about the setup.

This accompanied by the Max’s autofocus feature saves you the worry of constantly fine-tuning what you’re watching so you can rest assured whatever displays will remain crystal clear for your audience. Playing time can also be a concern with smaller projectors with limited space for batteries. Not in the case of the Max. We were happily surprised by the Capsule Max’s battery playtime of up to 4 hours. This is slightly affected when wi-if is enabled, but still bringing it in at a very impressive 3 hours. Recharging is also particularly quick at just 2.5 hours via the accompanying charge cable no downtime shouldn’t be too much of a concern between sessions.

We were also particularly taken aback by the Max’s 8w speaker which has a staggering range and depth to it’s sound considering it’s sizing. This makes it ideal for cinematic immersion or even doubling the projector as a Bluetooth speaker, ideal for parties or audio books when you’re in bed. Just don’t under-estimate that volume width…this unit is LOUD.

Navigation was also kept quick and concise thanks to fast-functioning Android 8.1 operating system and it’s Octa-Core A53 chipset. We had no lag jumping between apps such as Hulu, Firefox, Netflix and Amazon. Rather than being dependent on peripherals having these apps at your fingertips mean you can easily log into your own account and quickly start watching your favourite films & programs without the hassle of plugging and disconnecting. Keeping control of these is a breeze thanks to the minimalist IR remote and the control system featuring a standard D-pad, volume + – and back control which discreetly sits atop the Max. It’s a great feature and looks suitably sleek in the Max’s housing.

Speaking of which, connectability is obviously a hot topic for mini-projectors and so we were particularly keen to see how well the Capsule Max integrated with other devices within your home / office. Especially when the end-user wants to integrate their own files to view which can’t be accessed off of the internet or apps.

There was no need for concerns though.  The Max has again got this covered thanks to an impressive range of outputs. Not forgetting the standard DC-ins, the Max also comes with a HDMI input making it perfect for outputting high definition video. Also, the Max supports USB input which makes accessing your own files via the built-in navigation system ideal. As long as you’re saving USBS at FAT32 you’ll have no problem dipping in and out of your own content whenever the mood suits you.

We absolutely loved the Nebula Capsule Max. It’s sleek, stylish and discreet – but packs a phenomenally impressive projecting capability at a competitively low cost. We highly recommend you snap one up today at www.seenebula.com