Sumptuous New Titles From SelfMadeHero!

SelfMadeHero’s release show no sign of slowing down as we plough into Autumn with some truly astonishingly good graphic novels. We were honoured to get a glimpse of two of their most latest offersings which we highly recommend you seek out for those cold seasonal evenings…

First up we were thrilled to get glimpse of Isadora by Julie Birmant and illustrated by Clement Oubrerie. Following the life dancer Isadora Duncan, we follow the young dancer’s rise to fame from performing in the drawing rooms of London to treading the boards of the stage, barefoot. In turn revolutionising dance completely and wowing crowds across the globe.

Birmin does a phenomenal job expanding this story into graphic novel form. It’s a remarkable journey watching as Isadora mingles with high society and in particular the likes of sculptor Auguste Rodin and dancer Love Fuller. Just how two people influenced such a force of nature such as Duncan herself is truly incredible. It should also be said that illustrator Oubrerie’s style is gorgeous. There’s a feel of the classic comic to his work accompanied with large amounts of  depth and texture to each panels. His character work is astoundingly good bringing with it large amounts of amotion to the book. In particular Oubrerie’s architecture and vehicles truly stand out as remarkable on the page really bringing to life 1899 London.


Next up we had a chance of checking out David Rault’s fantastic ABC of Typography. This hardback delves into an often overlooked aspect of our daily lives, typography. From newsprint to billboards, from groceries to user interface text. ‘The ABC of Typography’ delves into the history of some of our most beloved fonts which we take for granted. Everything from Garamond, Times Bocklin, Futura, Franklin Gothic and Helvetica gets covered.

The research alone in this book is what really sets it apart. This history works superbly in a segmented anthology format and it’s great fun getting snippets of history from Eastern Europe, the Vikings, Romans or Ancient Greece yet always bringing us back to the modernity of how we use and adore our fonts today.

We learn how certain fonts were used in order to make the most of shadows hitting their indents when carved on Roman pillars. Or how others were used to best make use of early letter presses. It truly is fascinating. What’s even more entertaining is the wide range of artists who each give each font a unique and definite styling which makes it all the more interesting to read.

As two of SelfMadeHero’s most recent releases these are both stand out books and well worth your time and money. Make sure you get yours today from