Heavenly Headphones with Anker Soundcore’s Life 2 and Liberty Neo Headphones

We’re big fans of Anker’s  Soundcore products here at GYGO. They excel in delivering incredible sound at prices which won’t break the bank compared to other leading audio electronic manufacturers. In particular we’ve always been taken with their impressive range in bluetooth headphones which always seem to balance comfortability with style. These headphones vary from the lighter activity-based ‘Liberty’ series, ‘Spirits’ series right up to the noise cancelling ‘Life’ headphones.

So when we recently spoke to Anker and the chance arose to cover their Soundcore ‘Life 2’ Wireless ANC Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation we jumped at the chance.

As with all of Anker’s products, the Life 2 headphones are stunning. With a modern, sleek black design it integrates perfectly with modern life and your own taste in clothing. Along with which activation and connection is made all the more simple by just holding down the power button. Alongside this you can expect to find an easy to reach volume control, play button and a control to activate the Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation – a feature which is truly groundbreaking.

As soon as you select the noise cancellation there’s a defined ‘cut’ to background noise as the Life 2’s technology comes into play reducing all background audio (up to 90%!)  and boosting whatever audio you might be listening to. It truly makes the experience an immersive one. This is due to the headphone utilising it’s internal and external microphones. Which means background noise such as traffic and airplanes flying overhead won’t interrupt the flow of your music or audio book.

That sound quality is also down to Soundcore’s Hi Red Audio Certified Custom oversized 40mm dynamic drivers. This is a particular accolade as the Hi-Red Audio is only certified to specific devices which are capable of producing ‘exceptional sound’. An incredible achievement on their part. Because of this, you can expect to hear high frequencies which reach up to 40khz. This is accompanied by Soundcore’s ‘BassUp’ tech which runs real-time analysing of deep frequencies which instantly boosts the output.  Meaning you get a deeper and richer sound quality from your headphones. Activating this is simple via double pressing the play button. We certainly found we noticed this most listening to dance and rock music when the lower tones really came into their own.

Importantly it should be said these headphones have to be some of the most comfortable over ear headphones we’ve worn before. The soft cushioning of each cup which we’re told is from memory foam, offers a secure fit without ever feeling too tight. Accompanying this feature are the cups rotating joints which automatically adjust to fit the shape of your head. A feature we loved, making them also ideal for DJing or working from one ear cup. As an aside we took the Life 2 phones out in particular hot weather, expecting to experience that often unpleasant ‘hot ear’ effect found with other over ear headphones. Not with this piece of kit though. With the Life 2’s breathable mesh cups our ears stayed cool and not overheated whilst we enjoyed clear and crisp audio.

We were also particularly impressed with the headphone’s play time averaging at 30 Hours. There’s arguably no bigger complaint with bluetooth headphones when you’re concerned the batteries are likely to die at any point. Not in the case of Life 2. Just from one single charge you’ll be powered up enough to enjoy over 600 songs. Ideal for long journeys. But if you’re pushed for time and just need a quick boost you can still expect up to 4 hours of audio from just five (yes that’s five!) minutes of listening!

There’s a huge array of over the ear Bluetooth headphones currently out on the market so it can be hard to choose

which are right for you. But with the Life 2’s incredible functionality, looks and pricing in our books it’s a must have.

Make sure you get yours now from Here



After being privileged enough to check out Anker’s fantastic Soundcore Life 2 Headphones it was a real treat to be able to test out a set of headphones from the complete other side of Anker’s range. The discreet and ultra compact Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo.

These headphones are vastly different in look and size to the Life 2 and are purposed for active listening whilst training or working out. In terms of sizing the headphones are impressively small at 7.5 x 3.5 x 3 cm. What we particularly loved about the Neos is just how fantastically they’re stored in the official Liberty Neo compact charging case. Charging is also a joy, from just one charge the headphones ar guaranteed to keep you listening to your favourite tracks for over a week. Delivering over 3.5 hours of audio from just one charge and an additional 9 hours in the charging case.  A great addition is the fact that your battery life can be monitored via the discreet selection of LEDS which give you an up to date view of how much battery life you’ve got left.

But most importantly of all we were keen to see how the Liberty Neo’s headphone’s audio shaped up against it’s larger sibling. Happily we were blown away with what we found. The audio is crisp and clear, never feeling ‘tinny’ or shallow. Music sounds deep and rich and podcasts were clear with an impressive range.


This is no doubt down to the Neo’s Graphene Drivers which are tailor made to the Neo to take full advantage of it’s impressive properties. With it’s strength and durability the graphene oscillates with extreme precision giving your output a phenomenally impressive range and keeping it as clear as possible across all frequencies.

On top of which the Neo’s bass is deceivingly impressive for a headphone of it’s size, blowing away the competition. We’re told this is down to Anker’s trademark ‘ BassUp ‘ technology, the same that powers the Life2. In a smaller headphone you really do feel that boost of up to 43% extra bass.

Those perhaps concerned with the bluetooth connectivity of the Neos needn’t be worried. There’s traditional Bluetooth 5 on offer here with an LDS antenna so that link stays firmly in place with your device. We certainly experienced no drops whatsoever, a welcome change from a lot of other competitors devices.

Like the Life 2, Anker have delivered something particularly special with the Soundcore Liberty Neo. For those looking for a lightweight in-ear headphone for use whilst training or just out and about, we couldn’t think of anything better. Make sure you grab yours today from www.anker.com