Triumphant Travels with Osprey’s Transporter Zip and Packing Cubes


Osprey has had a plethora of astounding releases over recent months. One range which particularly caught our eye was the Transporter Zip series a range, a collection which offers rugged everyday backpacks with a range of useful features to fit for an active lifestyle both which advertise themselves as ‘AdventureProof Packs’.

The packs themselves come in three individual styles, a ‘flap’ top, a ‘roll’ top and a ‘zip’ top. We were particularly taken with Osprey’s the Transporter Zip in a gorgeous ‘Pointbreak grey’ (an online exclusive). We were honoured to get a chance to fully test out the pack and see how well it held up in both urban and rural environments.

As with the rest of the series the Transporter Zip is evidently well made with a thick durable nylon build, so you know your belongings are going to stay safely dry in wet conditions. We’re told this is a 400D TPU Double Coated Nylon which makes it perfect for taking into rural conditions. On top of which spacer mesh foam is fixed to the back panel along with a padded harness to ensure maximum comfortability when you’re carrying a heavy load. In fact, we’re told that the pack itself can carry up to .99kg so there’s no chance of this pack failing anytime soon.

It should be said the bag has a fantastically stylish minimalist aesthetic making it both ideal for professional use and effortlessly cool for using for holidaying or short breaks away, especially for city exploration.

The interior of the bag is impressively large at 30L and we were able to comfortably fit in a range of clothing, shoes and accessories. What’s also astoundingly handy is the pack’s own padded laptop/tablet sleeve which makes carrying your very own workstation even easier. Packing all of this is kept straight forward thanks to the pack’s astoundingly large bucket opening style, meaning you can easily pack and reach items within the bag. It’s a stroke of genius.

On top of these features, the pack also features Osprey’s handy scratch-free side pocket for easily slipping in your sunglasses or smaller electronics without fear of scratching them.  Not to mention an internal key attachment clip for easy access. Both are such great ideas and we loved not having to delve into the depths of the bag in order to recover a small piece of tech or key.

Also for travellers venturing out after dark there’s an LED light attachment point making it easier to attach a visible light, something especially handy for cyclists – and if you run into trouble whilst out venturing there’s an emergency whistle with a sternum strap, making it easily possible for you to raise an alarm.

Accompanied with the zip, The Osprey team kindly allowed us to check out one of their renowned Ultralight Packing Cubes. These cubes allow the user to easily pack their belongings within their luggage, whilst keeping everything in place. The cube itself is deceivingly small but don’t let that fool you.  Thanks to the cube’s ripstop nylon casing it can compact a huge amount of within it’s at 19 x 12 x 11cm size.  Along with keeping the items inside the cube safe and dry from extremities.


The cube’s zippered top allows for the user to quickly store and access individual items of clothing. Whilst the cube’s grab handle also makes it great for carrying around when you need to.

We tried the cube out with the Transporter Zip and it instantly made the packing process a pain free experience. Items are easily compacted and kept to specific areas where you need them most. What’s particularly great is Osprey offer a range of these cubes in varying sizes so you can customise your packing process however you see fit!

We absolutely loved the Transporter Zip. The combination of sleek minimalist styling and everyday functionality whilst being able to cater to outdoor pursuits and short breaks away makes it ideal for a range of purposes. Ospreys’ Packing Cubes are also astoundingly effective for packing and make travelling all the much more enjoyable knowing your clothing is safely tucked into secure areas and isn’t going to slip about.

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